Day 2 Preview: How We See it Playing Out

August 1, 2019 by
Staff Photographer Patrick Clark.
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Day 1 featured two events for both teams and individuals, which cut the field down to 50 athletes. 

Lay of the Land

  • Competition kicks off at 10:00 AM CDT in North Park with event 3. 
  • Details for event 3 will be released at 8:00 AM CDT.
  • There are three individual events slotted on the calendar but it’s unclear if there will be separate scored elements inside those times slots. More on that below. 
  • We will be streaming live on YouTube
  • Here’s the archive of day 1. 
  • Here’s our detailed leaderboard.
  • Scoring table for day 2.

Here are the top 10 after 1 day and 2 events. 

  1. Mat Fraser (200) | Kari Pearce (194) | Mayhem Freedom (293)
  2. Scott Panchik (186) | Annie Thorisdottir (182) | CrossFit Krypton (230)
  3. James Newbury (184) | Tia-Clair Toomey (178) | Central Beasts (223)
  4. Ben Smith (178) | Kristin Holte (178) | Invictus (181)
  5. Patrick Vellner (162) | Brooke Wells (160) | Invictus Boston (167)
  6. Noah Ohlsen (158) | Haley Adams (160) | CrossFit Alioth (167)
  7. Samuel Cournoyer  (158) | Danielle Brandon (158) | Don’t Stop (167)
  8. Jacob Heppner (158) | Amanda Barnhart (158) | OC3 Black (153)
  9. Travis Mayer (158) | Laura Horvath (154) | X-Terminators (153)
  10. Logan Collins (152) | Jamie Greene (150) | Invictus X (132) PRO1 (132) (10T)

Our take on day 2: With 50 athletes remaining and three time slots on the calendar we think there will be three events on Friday, and each will cut the field by ten athletes, leaving 20 athletes by Saturday. 

  • Glassman outlined san scenario like this back in September on an episode with Girls Gone WOD: “What could happen, seems enjoyable to me, is early in the week we put 200 to a task that leaves ten, and then watching 10 for two days. From the men, from the women, punctuated by a heat that crowns the fittest teenage woman on Earth, fittest teenaged man, do something similar to seniors, do something else, you know a higher intensity denser format where there was less to watch but more to see.”
  • There is a planned second Reebok fitting on Friday night after competition concludes.

A few storylines I’m tracking.

  • Even though Mathew Fraser is only 14 points ahead, he’s looking unbelievably strong. This is the first time in the history of the Games that any athlete has won the first two events. But this is only a 14 point lead in a competition that is way too early to call. 
  • Maybe Ben Smith was not so bold of a prediction. The 11-time Games athlete currently sits in fourth overall with 178 points. I picked him to end up with the bronze at the end of the weekend mainly because I thought the extra rest during recovery would do him some good and he’s not been beating his body up all season long. 
  • Sara Sigmundsdottir needs a strong day 2. With a 40th place finish in event 1, she was forced to make up ground in event 2 with a 17th place finish. She currently sits in 26th. 

And while you’re still here, apparently Omar Martinez of Venezuela completed event 2 by himself at North Park. We’re looking into it. 

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