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Key Takeaways from the NCFit Collective Summit

Oct 20, 2019 by

This weekend, about 60 affiliate owners gathered in Northern California for the NCFit Collective Summit. The two-day conference was focused on equipping gym owners with tools to become better business owners and designed to push them to think outside the box. 

Key takeaway: The resounding chorus just appreciated being treated like business owners instead of just gym owners, and the opportunity to network with other like-minded owners was huge.

  • The event kicked off Friday evening with a happy hour, then Saturday with a 60-75 minute 4-mile ruck in the Santa Cruz mountains, followed by a day and a half of discussions and hands-on workshops. 
  • The passion for getting serious about building better and stronger businesses was palpable. 
  • This was also as much a hands-on workshop as a social event, with two workouts programmed to instruct class management and process. 

Speaker list: 

  • Dr. Kelly Starrett, Founder of The Ready State
  • Patrick Yumul, The Mina Group
  • Jason Khalipa
  • Ec Synkowski, Optimize Nutrition 
Photo Credit: Ali Samieivafa // NCFit

Some topics of discussion:

  • How to hire better coaches for your gym. 
  • Training a professional staff.
  • Treating your gym as a business not a hobby. 
  • Finance issues like leasing, membership types and discounts. 
  • Better selection of locations, zoning requirements and utilizing off hours to maximize profitability. 
  • How to offer nutrition services at your affiliate. 

Attendees were also generously supplied with ruck bags, Rx Smart Gear jump ropes, Reebok shoes, hygiene products from Huron. 

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Your Coffee is ready. Your Coffee is ready. Your Coffee is ready. Your Coffee is ready. Your Coffee is ready