Week 5 Leaderboarding and How the Top 10 Games Athletes are Faring

Nov 6, 2019 by

Going into the fifth and final week of the CrossFit Open, the leaderboard has consolidated and the race for the final few qualifying spots is narrowing to a close.

  • Quick recap: Athletes can qualify two ways: 1). as a national champion and 2). By placing in the top 20 worldwide.

Where the top 20 line sits currently: This number shifts each week depending on how many national champions are currently in the top 20. The more national champions ranked in the top 20 worldwide, the line drops further down the leaderboard.

  • Men: 27th
  • Women: 34th

One caveat: Two penalty waves for 20.1 and 20.2 have adjusted the overall standings, but we’re fully expecting more adjustments from 20.3 and 20.4. It’s possible for this to have a major effect on the overall leaderboard.

How are the top 10 Games athletes doing: As expected, most are doing just fine as they’ve consistently performed week over week regardless of the test.

  • Only four of the top 10 Games males are slated to qualify through the Open as it currently stands.
  • Three male athletes currently sit outside of a qualifying spot: Matt Mcleod (-44), Saxon Panchik (-28) and Will Moorad (-30).
  • Scott Panchik is also outside of a qualifying spot (-2) but he’s squarely committed to team Mayhem.
  • James Newbury is out due to injury and Adrian Mundwiler withdrew after placing 760th on 20.2 took his out of contention.
  • Six of the top 10 Games females are currently in qualifying position.
  • On the outside looking in: Haley Adams (-3), Bethany Shadburne (-23), Thuri Helgadottir (-34) and Danielle Brandon (-13).

P.S. Kara Saunders is currently ranked 17th.

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