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No Equipment, No Problem

Mar 30, 2020 by

A long time ago in a (CrossFit) galaxy far, far away….

Well before the emergence of companies like Rogue Fitness who made world-class equipment accessible to the masses, there were very few options for CrossFit athletes and gyms looking for equipment to outfit their space for training. Instead, they took to finding ways to create their own equipment — sourcing inexpensive materials and the CrossFit message boards to build their own training gear.

A DIY renaissance: In the current climate where most people are confined to their homes and personal spaces, there’s been no shortage of creative solutions for training. Fortunately, companies like Rogue continue to provide equipment options, but the financial burden of the quarantine and isolation restrictions means that not everyone can afford to purchase new equipment, and have opted to multi-purpose things as gear or build their own instead.

  • Dust off those old textbooks because they can easily double as a kettlebell, and let’s be honest, for how much they cost they should be multi-purpose.
  • A couple buckets, some scrap wood, and concrete, is all it takes for you to have your very own squat rack at home for less than $40.
  • A dry sack, duct tape, garbage bags, and some filler, are the four simple ingredients to building yourself a custom weighted sandbag.
  • For a homemade medicine ball, there are a ton of available tutorials, but this one came complete with a cute baby in it.
  • Who needs bumper plates when you’ve got a few perfectly good logs lying around? Extra points for the gym name pun.

But wait, there’s more: The possibilities are endless really, and there are ways to build your own parallettes, gymnastics rings, plyo boxes, pull-up bars, and even reverse-hypers. You heard that right, you can build your very own reverse-hyper.

  • End of Three Fitness has compiled a comprehensive list of all the DIY home equipment you could imagine including a materials list and explanation of the benefits of training with the implements. They even list Rogue Fitness as an option for anyone interested in buying instead anyways.

Forging Elite (Home) Fitness: Just because you’re confined to the limits of your home and can’t make it to an affiliate or commercial gym doesn’t mean you can’t get ridiculously fit. Case in point: Barni Bojte.

  • The young Romanian caught the community’s attention back in 2016 when footage surfaced of him doing Open Workout 16.1 in what appears to be a backyard portion of his family’s home in rural Romania.
  • Bojte nearly qualified for the Games in 2019, finishing third in Romania at just 20 years-old, and winning three workouts in the process.

No excuses, play like a champion: There’s really no reason why someone can’t maintain at least a decent level of fitness, and make some sweet homemade gear in the process. All it takes is a quick run to your local hardware/home improvement store (while practicing social distancing, of course).

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