Meet Two Lockdown-Inspired CrossFit Converts

April 27, 2020 by
Credit: @crossfit_digdeep
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Misty Wilkins Bohanon was never interested in CrossFit.

The 44-year-old endurance athlete was more interested in mountain biking and training for marathons.

  • “I (didn’t) have/make the time for lifting weights and wasn’t interested quite frankly,” Bohanon said. “I just didn’t have the energy to add more training.”

Further, she was scared of getting injured.

  • “I have had three knee surgeries and one shoulder surgery. I didn’t want to re-injure myself,” she added.

Along came the COVID-19-required lockdown: Bohanon had known about Dig Deep CrossFit in Paducah, KY for a while. And when she heard the gym was participating in CrossFit HQ’s Support Your Local Box Fundraiser — and that non-members could also join — Bohanon thought she’d give it a shot.

Though Bohanon was never all that interested in CrossFit or lifting weights, she also knew her body needed more strength, to increase her muscle mass “to help carry over to an ultra-marathon next spring,” she explained. So Bohanon bought some light weights and joined in.

Bohanon isn’t the only CrossFit newbie to join CrossFit Dig Deep’s home workouts and participate in the fundraiser. In fact, gym owner Brandy Key has managed to attract dozens of people to try CrossFit for the first time since she closed her doors in March.

Another newbie: Tiffany Dawn Ice lost 65 pounds just by focusing on her diet alone. When the lockdown hit, she decided she was ready to add regular workouts to her lifestyle transformation.

  • “I knew Brandy (Key) previously and followed her gym’s page on Facebook,” Ice explained of how she found out about the at-home workouts they were offering.
  • “I wanted something to help me tone and feel strong,” she said.

Unlike Bohanon, Ice had been interested in CrossFit for a while, but she was scared of the gym. So the ability to try it at home, in a safe place, really spoke to her, she explained.

  • “Starting at home has been great. I have wanted to try it for so long, (so) this gave me a chance to try some of the workouts without feeling self-conscious,” said the 41-year-old, who has been doing at least three workouts a week with the Dig Deep community.

Ice is pleasantly surprised with how CrossFit has enhanced her life already.

  • “I am loving it…The workouts have definitely given me a sense of accomplishment and pride. They have been a great motivator for me,” Ice said.
  • “I went from not being able to do basically anything, to being able to run two miles on the treadmill (without) walking….Of course, I am just starting out and I scale (workouts), but the confidence to keep going is the best part.”

Bohanon added: “I am loving CrossFit from home. I can do it on my own schedule after I run and am warmed up. It’s perfect for me.”

She’s also over her fear of getting injured, as she realizes one of the components of CrossFit is sticking within her ability.

  • “No one judges you when you scale the workouts. I think that’s awesome. I can do the same workout as experienced CrossFit (athletes). That takes the (fear of getting injured) component out for me.”
  • “The workouts are giving me something else to do, something to look forward to. I am taking this time to work on me…I’m excited to see what all I can do and accomplish,” she added.

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