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Hunter McIntyre Partners Up With Team RWB to Host Memorial Day Murph Fundraiser

May 22, 2020 by

Hunter McIntyre looks to make history this coming Memorial Day as he attempts to set a new world record in the “Murph” Hero WOD while helping Team RWB raise awareness and money for transitioning active-duty US military service members.

The details: McIntyre will attempt to break Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson’s unpartitioned “Murph” time of 38:36.21 set during the 2015 CrossFit Games. That time is considered the world record by the CrossFit community.

  • The attempt begins at 6:30am EST on May 23. McIntyre will be streaming live on his Instagram account and Obstacle Racing Media will also be streaming live and posting the full recorded workout in its entirety on their YouTube channel.
  • Evolution Athletics in West End, NC will host McIntyre and Team RWB.
  • Fort Bragg, home of the US Army’s Special Operations Command, and the 75th Ranger Regiment is nearby. Team RWB has invited many veterans and active-duty soldiers to participate in the Hero WOD.
  • Games athletes like Jacob Heppner, Will Moorad, Dani Speegle and Chandler Smith were scheduled to join McIntyre, but due to various factors they can’t attend. Games veterans Lindsay Schutlzer and Alan Dunlap will be in attendance and participating.
  • Team RWB has a goal of raising $50,000 to assist veterans and transitioning service members.

“Originally I wanted to do this with my CrossFit friends like Noah (Ohlsen), Heppner and Chandler (Smith),” said McIntyre. “Then the pandemic happens and it altered our plans but then Chandler mentioned he knew Mike Erwin, the founder of Team RWB, and suggested we all get involved with his organization and help out those heroes that serve our country.”

Why “Murph”: “Murph” has long been the staple Hero WOD for the CrossFit community both for the meaning, legacy and popularity of the workout.

  • “I chose “Murph” because it fit into my training,” commented McIntyre. “I was originally training and planning to compete at the High Rock Challenge and then the Asbury Park Summer Games for my Games ticket. Then everything got canceled so I needed to find something to concentrate on. Murph is very similar to the training I do but I wanted to break the record so I contacted my heavy-hitter friends and said ‘Let’s Do This! Throw in a great organization like RWB and its message. It’s a perfect partnership!”
  • “As with any hero workout, Murph means a chance to honor someone who paid the greatest price possible,” said Games veteran and Army Captain Chandler Smith. “As someone who is lucky enough to have a stateside recruiting job within the United States Army, I am very cognizant of the sacrifices made by service members across all branches and always try to remember how much they give up…when I train, and the hero workouts drive this point home even further. I hope that the end result of this record pursuit leads to more individuals learning about Lieutenant Michael Murphy, and contributing more to charities that assist the families of veterans such as the Navy Seal Foundation, Team RWB, and the Wounded Warrior Project.”
  • McIntrye attempted to get the Guinness World Records to recognize his attempt at setting a new world record but has not heard back from them as to why they won’t send a representative to monitor or recognize “Murph” as an event.
  • “I paid the money, played their game and did everything I could to get them to recognize Murph as a worthy achievement,” said McIntrye. “We are still going to record my attempt and submit it to them and hopefully raise enough noise through media coverage to get them to notice and accept it.”

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Hunter McIntyre | Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson

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