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Froning on Programming 2021 Games: “First time I had heard anything about it”

Jun 12, 2020 by

It didn’t take long for new CrossFit CEO Dave Castro to cause a stir within the sport and community. Following a ZOOM call with 2020 CrossFit Games qualifiers on Thursday afternoon, Castro announced on Twitter that the 2020 Games would be the last one he will program. He also suggests that Rich Froning was a potential candidate to take over those duties.

Not so fast: In a conversation with Armen Hammer this morning, Froning stated that Castro’s tweet about programming the 2021 Games was the first he had “heard anything about it.”

  • Froning said: “I consider Dave a friend, and actually a good friend. The statement about me programming made on the CrossFit Games athlete call was the first time I had heard anything about it. While it is a dream job and honestly one of the highest honors I could hold or ever be awarded in the sport, I think there is a way bigger issue that needs to be handled right now and that’s the community and the affiliates.”  

One big thing: Though Castro’s ideal choice is to have Froning take over his duties of programming for the Games, the four-time “Fittest Man on Earth” discussed what he needed to see from HQ in order to remain connected to CrossFit.

  • Froning stated in the “Behind the White Board” affiliate panel zoom call on Thursday afternoon that he would need CrossFit owner and founder Greg Glassman to be completely divested from the company and a board of directors put in place.
  • Froning has also given no indication that the 2020 season would be his last as an active competitor. Currently, he’s training with his Mayhem Freedom team for the upcoming Mayhem Madness team competition.

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