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Breaking: The CrossFit Games Speaks, Vows Improvement In Diversity And Inclusion

June 17, 2020 by
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(Editor’s Update: The CrossFit Games made a second important announcement on the heels of this one. A tweet posted at 1:48pm PST stated “Due to travel restrictions and circumstances beyond control, the dates for the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games will be adjusted. The soonest potential start date is Aug. 17.“)

Four days after breaking their silence publicly to acknowledge some of the current events surrounding social injustice and the black community, the CrossFit Games expanded upon their position and current state of affairs internally while posting a short video composed of an animated Games logo adorned with country flags from across the world.

The post to Instagram revealed that the CrossFit Games team would be undergoing a “cultural review to examine diversity and opportunities for inclusion,” and laid out multiple steps around how to do so, remaining committed to improving upon the culture surrounding the sport in light of recent issues raised within the community. The steps included:

  • Commissioning an external analysis and review of diversity and cultural representation.”
  • Producing media that represents and creates opportunities for the Black community and underrepresented cultures.”
  • “Continuing to collect, organize, and circulate feedback internally while consulting with diversity experts.”

It should be noted that comments were disabled on the post. All posts within the last week regarding the topics of social justice, or the developing changes surrounding founder Greg Glassman’s “retirement,” have disabled the comment function.

A step in the right direction: Given the difficult two weeks that CrossFit Inc. and the CrossFit Games team has had, this statement is arguably the most direct and clear communication from the Games team regarding their plans moving forward to address some of the concerns and criticisms levied against the organization.

  • At least 20 athletes have already vowed to sit out of the Games — and potentially additional events — or have stated that their involvement in the sport as it pertains to CrossFit Inc. specifically would depend on real change moving forward.

It remains to be seen to what extent this statement and pledge will satisfy the conditions laid down by the athletes that have spoken out. In the conclusion of the post, the Games admitted that “This is the start of a continuing process that will take time to execute well. We recognize it’s not enough to say this. CrossFit is working to develop a consistent response rooted in action.”

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