Courtney Roselle’s CrossFit Journey Leads Her to The Titan Games

July 26, 2020 by
Photo Credit: Steve Dietl/NBC
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Tonight’s newest episode of NBC’s The Titan Games will introduce Courtney Roselle as the final athlete in the competition with CrossFit ties. The CrossFit coach at Brazen Athletics in Hoboken, New Jersey and former collegiate basketball player will look to unseat current East Regional Titan Haley Johnson and secure her path to the Titan Games finals and join fellow CrossFitters Dani Speegle and Margaux Alzarez as Regional champions. First she will have to take on firefighter Shantal Athill for her shot at Johnson on Mount Olympus. The Morning Chalk Up was able to discuss Roselle’s interesting CrossFit journey and how she ended up on The Titan Games.

Morning Chalk Up: How did you end up being selected to compete on The Titan Games?

  • Courtney Roselle: “Small world—I auditioned for WWE Divas a year ago in Orlando, and at the tryouts I met a couple past contestants from The Titan Games. They were amazing women who convinced me to submit my own application! It was a lengthy submission that required a lot of background information and video taping. About a month later, they contacted me saying they saw me on my social media and found my application and would like to do a FaceTime interview to show The Rock. Of course I instantly had a mini heart attack.”

    “After interviewing with a couple producers, the next step was the Combine, to test my athletic skills to be on the show. The Combine turned out to be one of the best parts of the entire experience. One of the workouts was a max deadlift. With adrenaline pumping, my normal max lift seemed light, so I remember Dani Speegle yelling at me to “put on 405!” (I love how the CrossFit community supports each other, even while we’re competing.) Between the cheering and knowing The Rock was secretly watching, I hit a major PR!”

    “About a week later in January, they called and told me to pack my bags because I was leaving for Atlanta in 10 days and was not allowed to tell anyone where I was going.”

MCU: Tell us how long you have been doing CrossFit and why did you choose the methodology as your fitness choice?

  • CR: “Seven years! It is crazy to think how fast time has gone! I played college basketball, but after college I lost my drive for fitness and my natural competitive edge. My brother Matt told me about CrossFit. I was extremely nervous—even though I played college basketball, it was not the same! After my first class at Brazen Athletics, I fell in love with the people, and the competitive edge set my soul on fire. I’ve been writing my story ever since. I quit my corporate job over two years ago to become a full-time CrossFit coach and start my own personal training brand IRON GRACE.”

MCU: How has CrossFit helped you as an athlete and as a person?

  • CR: “I’ve always been known as the feminine strong tomboy in the room. Even though I owned it on the basketball court, I never was comfortable in my own skin in normal life. Where did I fit in? I loved being an athlete and loved being feminine, but the two usually didn’t go together. The CrossFit community helped me own my personality and gave me the confidence to show my strength in and out of the gym. It helped me find my authentic self, which gave me better relationships and friendships with family. I love how women and men are on the same equal playing field at any box you walk into — there is no such thing as a strong male or strong female, just a strong athlete. The barbell is a neutralizer. It does not care about the color of your skin, what religion you practice, who you love, or your gender. It just knows if you are strong enough to pick it up and put it down.”

MCU: Did you change your training up to prepare for The Titan Games?

  • CR: “Not at all. CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. We lift weights, pick up stones, jump off boxes, dangle from ropes, hold barbells over our head for long periods of time. I knew that training in CrossFit over these past seven years was going to put me above the rest of the competitors.”

MCU: Your favorite part of the Titan Games so far?

  • CR: “All the people I was honored to meet. Every single competitor on that floor had a story to tell, with passion and a purpose. They were not just contestants on the Titan Games; they were real life superheroes. I wish everyone got to see our everyday lives for the entire month — how we all bonded, where we all came from, and the multiple obstacles and motivations we each went through. AMAZING IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!”

MCU: Did it help having other CrossFitters on the show with you?

  • CR: “Of course! We brought a lot of competitors to CrossFit workouts with us down in Atlanta! It was a lot of fun to get everyone together in a box showing what a CrossFit community is all about.”

MCU: What do you think separates yourself from other Titan Games athletes?

  • CR: “Being a CrossFit athlete, being from Jersey, having the most amazing support group, and having nothing to lose. I have experienced weak points in my life that have made me beyond strong. I have experienced the darkest moments that brought me to light. I have worked for everything I have, from sports to everyday life. It gives you a special ‘grit’ and a special ‘grind’ that not everyone can relate to. You will be sure to know ‘LOUD AND CLEAR JERSEY IS HERE’!”

MCU: What do you hope to gain from being on The Titan Games?

  • CR: “Opening more doors and more opportunities to give back to people who helped put me on my platform. I come from a true family that has helped support me through everything. Hard work pays off, and I want to show the viewers exactly that. I want to show them confidence pays off, believing in yourself pays off, being kind pays off. You can come from anywhere and any background to give back and inspire others.”

MCU: What’s next for you? What can we expect in the near future from you?

  • CR: “I have my own brand IRON GRACE, where I promote body positivity for the younger generation. I give motivational speeches at high schools, design my own clothing line, personal train, and coach fitness. I am not sure what is next on the list for me, but I would like to start traveling the world and being able to coach fitness and give motivational speeches while doing it.”

MCU: Anything you want to say to your supporters and fans?

  • CR: “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! (Did I say thank you?) I was not put on this platform alone. The only reason I am on The Titan Games is because I have had the most amazing people by my side. My friends and family who have picked me up in my darkest moments and just loved me for my most authentic self. It truly is about who you surround yourself with day in and day out. Find people who are stronger than you and bring out the best in you. They will take you far.”

The Titan Games broadcasts every Monday at 8:00 EST on NBC

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