Roselle Stands Tall Atop Mount Olympus in East Region Finals of The Titan Games

August 4, 2020 by
Photo Credit: Steve Dietl/NBC
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The Titan Games finals are now set. On Monday the East Region crowned two champions that will compete next week for the title of Season 2 Titan and the $100,000 prize purse. For reigning East Region champion and CrossFit coach Courtney Roselle, her path to become one of those champions was clearly defined, conquer Mount Olympus once again.

Mount Olympus: Roselle would face a new opponent on Mount Olympus as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s hand-picked Titan Hannah Teter defeated professional wrestler Dash Kuret and Army nurse Haley Johnson in the elimination rounds. After struggling in her first appearance, the Olympic gold medalist snowboarder would need all the athleticism she displayed in the earlier rounds to have a chance to topple the powerhouse Roselle.

  • Both athletes were even through the first two obstacles before Roselle had a flawless run up “Iron Ascent” gaining a slight lead before tackling the “Log Lift” where she took her time with the obstacle. Teter caught up on “Crank Down” but it was Roselle that entered “Cage Crawl” first, needing the lead over her smaller and quicker opponent. After exiting the obstacle she sprinted down “Drop Zone” while maintaining a slight lead over Teter. She pulled the 200 lb weight on “Ball and Chain” with ease as an impressed Rock watched her. Teter continued to show heart and met Roselle at the “Titan Tomb” but the New Jersey native had already attacked the obstacle with her sledgehammer and needed just a few more swings to retrieve the Titan artifact and secure the victory and berth into next week’s finals.
  • “This time I had experience, so I knew exactly where my strengths and weaknesses were on the course,” said Roselle. “I knew where to speed up and where I could slow down to catch my breath. I felt way more confident this time around, especially getting to the ball and chain at the end where I knew I could use my legs and get to the Titan Tomb quickly.”
  • “I stuck with the same strategy that Matt Chan stressed to me before my final run: slow is smooth and smooth is fast,” commented Roselle regarding her Mount Olympus strategy. “I was making sure to not make many mistakes this time around. Even with the log ‘being light’ for me, I made sure to go step by step so I did not trip and fall this time like my first round of Mount Olympus. I knew I was stronger than Hannah, so I wanted to capitalize on those specific parts of the course.”
Photo Credit: Courtney Roselle (

Worth noting: With her victory, Roselle joins CrossFit Games athletes Matt Chan, Dani Speegle and Margaux Alvarez in The Titan Games finals.

  • All three women Regional Champions follow CrossFit as their fitness methodology.
  • All three women have yet to taste defeat during their Titan Games tenures. Alvarez is 5-0 record, including 3-0 on Mount Olympus. Roselle and Speegle are both 4-0 including 2-0 on Mount Olympus.
  • Chan is 5-2 in competition with his only two losses occurring in the season premiere of The Titan Games.
  • “This ranks hands down as the most memorable accomplishment in my athletic career,” said Roselle. “I won something I did not ‘train’ in, and I did it on TV! I train in CrossFit for sanctioned events or competitions, I practiced basketball throughout college and high school, but Mount Olympus is something completely unknown that you can not train for. It showed that CrossFit helps you be prepared for any situation. To win the East for my family, friends, and athletes from my CrossFit box back home meant the absolute world to me.”
  • High school teacher Will Sutton had a rematch with Army paratrooper Josh Porter in another exciting battle on Mount Olympus. Sutton prevailed again, outlasting Porter and punching his ticket to the finals.

What’s next: Next week the Regional Champions will face-off in the final episode of the season. The men and women’s titles will be on the line Monday, August 10 at 8:00 EST on NBC.

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