CrossFit 313 Invests Tens of Thousands in Developing Coaches, Creating Family

October 1, 2020 by
Photo Credit: CrossFit 313
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Ashley and Clint Thompson opened their doors at CrossFit 313 in Burleson, Texas in January, 2017. Since then, they have made coach development a cornerstone of their community.

One big thing: Since opening their doors, the Thompsons have invested close to $30,000 in coaching education, not just for themselves, but also for their growing herd of coaches.

The details: Ashley and Clint were CrossFit Level 2 coaches when they became affiliate owners, and most recently they completed their CrossFit Level 3 education. They also have 10 coaches, who are a mix of Level 1 and Level 2 trainers, and have paid for eight of them to become certified.

  • “We hold our coaches to a high standard, because good coaches mean happy athletes, and education helps us all be on the same page,” said Ashley, who is also a Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach, while Clint has his bachelor’s degree in exercise science.”
  • She added: “It’s both mine and Clint’s full-time job. We’re all in, so we really see the value in (investing) in education…Never stop learning. We take that motto to heart.”

It has been worth every cent, as investing in her coaches has helped them create a team of not just great coaches, but a team that feels like a family, Ashley said. And like any supportive family, members step up when someone is in trouble.

Photo Credit: CrossFit 313
  • This is exactly what the Thompson’s and their coaching staff did at the beginning of 2020 when two of their coaches —  married couple Tanner and Anthony Trujillo — lost their six-year-old daughter Raven after a freak accident that led to a fatal fall. At the time, Tanner was pregnant with her second child, Phoenix, who is now three months old.

The CrossFit 313 community immediately created a workout in Raven’s name, threw an event, and quickly raised $10,500 for the Trujillos.

Photo Credit: CrossFit 313

More important than the money, though, was how the community supported their grieving coaches.

  • “Obviously we were going to give them as much time off as they needed, but they actually came back really quick. On the day they had to put Raven to rest, they came to the gym,” said Thompson, her voice cracking as she fought tears.
  • “I remember them telling us they didn’t want to go anywhere else. They wanted to be here with their family,” she added.

The big picture: Thompson admitted gym ownership comes with many challenges, especially the unexpected ones that surfaced in 2020.

  • “2020 has been tragic and the hardest year of all; In all of that, we are excited to announce that we are expanding our gym starting November 1st,” she said.

One key that has helped them keep going and continue to be successful is investing in their coaches — financially and emotionally — for the long term, Ashley explained.

  • “We’re very close with our staff, we really have that family feel. This is all we focus on. We put our heart and soul into it everyday,” she said.

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