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Mar 31, 2020 by

How does coaching change when class is via video?

James Hobart is a co-owner of the One Nation gyms near Boston. In the wake of going dark during the virus

Open Gym Podcasts

Mar 24, 2020 by

Have you diversified your services by going online?

Zach Even-Esh operates two Underground Strength Gyms in New Jersey & has been building a brand online since

Open Gym Podcasts

Mar 17, 2020 by

How can you turn a crisis into an opportunity?

Episode Summary Chris Cooper is the founder of Two Brain Business. In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak,

Open Gym Podcasts

Mar 10, 2020 by

What does it mean to have professional coaches?

Nicole Christensen started CrossFit Roots in 2008. These days, Roots boasts a 10,000-foot facility & seven

Open Gym Podcasts

Mar 3, 2020 by

Are you aiming for growth, scale, or impact?

Jeremy Thiel co-founded CrossFit Central in 2005. Through the boom years of affiliate growth, Central stretched

Open Gym Podcasts

Feb 25, 2020 by

What’s your plan for pregnant & postpartum members?

Brianna Battles teaches coaches who want information & context to become more valuable to their pregnant

Open Gym Podcasts

Feb 18, 2020 by

Is a group fitness model a flawed delivery system?

Marcus Filly once drank the CrossFit kool-aid, co-owning a gym & competing at the Games. Then he began

Open Gym Podcasts

Feb 11, 2020 by

What kind of expertise is your gym offering?

Spencer Nix opened CrossFit Dallas Central over a decade ago. In 2018, he asked himself a simple question:

Open Gym Podcasts

Feb 4, 2020 by

Are you actively building your support network?

Charlie Lima opened College Station CrossFit in 2008. At the same time, he became more intentional about

Open Gym Podcasts

Jan 21, 2020 by

Is your ego blinding you to better opportunities?

Max Isaak co-founded the CrossFit TILT franchise alongside Ben Bergeron & LJ DiCarlo. They’re about

Open Gym Podcasts

Jan 14, 2020 by

Have you set the right rules to avoid burnout?

Jason Ackerman has started & sold three affiliates. His new book, “Best Hour of Their Day,”

Dec 24, 2019 by

Should more gyms cater exclusively to women?

Nerida Bint is the owner of Lissome, a multi-site gym in Australia open only to women. Despite the narrow

Open Gym Podcasts

Dec 21, 2019 by

Are you designing to optimize for consistency?

Jon Gilson is an entrepreneur & CrossFit L4 trainer. He said something to me recently that felt true &

Open Gym Podcasts

Dec 17, 2019 by

What’s it mean to curate a professional culture?

David Osorio is the owner of the wildly popular CrossFit South Brooklyn in New York City. From the early days,

Open Gym Podcasts

Dec 10, 2019 by

Why is embracing diversity good for business?

Alyssa Royse has long been a voice for greater diversity within the CrossFit community. In this conversation,

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