Heppner, Panchik Team Up to Create At-Home Fitness Platform, Financial Opportunity for Coaches

November 19, 2020 by
Credit: Stream Fitness
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On Tuesday, CrossFit Games athletes Jacob Heppner and Scott Panchik went live with their new company Stream Fitness, an online platform that provides various at-home fitness classes to people all around the world, and creates opportunities for coaches to sell their content.

One big thing: Online fitness is here to stay and it’s a space that is ripe for innovation. Heppner, Panchik and developer Dustin Bosscher are creating a system that has the potential to help CrossFit athletes and fitness enthusiasts stay fit remotely and feel connected to a community, all the while helping coaches capitalize financially on the new order. 

The details:

  • Stream Fitness is currently a web-based platform — the app version will be released in February, 2021 — that allows coaches to host live classes, from CrossFit to Yoga, or upload pre-recorded classes. “The idea is to create a global market for content, so coaches can record content and sell it over and over again,” explained Dustin Bosscher, the developer behind the company. 
  • In just two days since going live, 86 content creators have already offered classes to people all around the world — from the United States and Canada, to Denmark, Lithuania and Latvia.
  • Stream Fitness is currently free, but when the app version is released, members will pay a small fee to have access to classes. There will be various membership options. “We were going to wait until February to launch, but with so many going back into lockdown and gyms closing again, we decided to give it away for free right now,” Bosscher said.
  • When the paid version kicks in in the new year, coaches will receive 50 percent of the revenue their class sales generate. 
  • By January, 2021, Stream Fitness is also going to start hosting various online competitions, including team competitions, where people can submit their workout videos separately and then their software will stitch them together.
Credit: Stream Fitness

Some cool features: The platform allows coaches to send voice messages through the app to class attendees as they’re working out. “So I can tell Heppner his squat sucks,” laughed Bosscher.

  • Though not available yet, coaches will soon be able to upload videos they might have already produced. The platform will link to Youtube or Vimeo, or wherever their videos live, which will provide even more opportunities for coaches to sell their content, Bosscher explained. 

What they’re saying

  • “Even when COVID disappears, some people might still not be comfortable going into a gym, or maybe they have a life and three kids and sometimes it’s easier to workout at home than to pack their three kids to the gym,” Heppner said. “And CrossFit gyms have realized they can earn revenue from Zoom classes, so why get rid of that online revenue source?”

“I am one of the people,” Bosscher said. “I’m the person with three kids and a job…Sometimes I wish I could get up in the morning and workout and then get into the shower. But you still want that community.” Stream Fitness provides just that. “And not just a local community, but a global community,” he said.

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