What I’m Thankful For — A Letter from the Editor

November 25, 2020 by
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So this year has kinda stunk; a banner year of bad news ad nauseam. For our community specifically, it’s been especially tough; closures, re-openings, closures again, bad press, and fractured relationships. 

But, 2020 has also shown me how much I, and we, have to be thankful for:

I am thankful for my health and that my family has remained healthy through this pandemic. 

I am thankful for my gym, who’s fought hard to keep our community healthier, fitter, and together. 

I am thankful that because of the passion and instruction of others, and the idea of one man 20 years ago, I can keep myself fit at home when circumstances keep me away from the box. 

I am thankful for all of you who continue to support and place your trust in this publication. 

For a majority of this year, it’s been easy, commonplace, maybe even in vogue to default to a posture of defeat — writing this year off, focusing on crisis, [insert bad news here], and putting it on the pandemic’s tab. 

But CrossFitters don’t play victims of circumstance. We’re overcomers, fighters, do burpees all-nighters, especially when it’s for a friend in need. We’re the ones who stand up with survivors, rebuilders, losers of weight and sadly, sometimes family. We’re there for whoever walks through the door. That’s CrossFit, that’s our community, and that’s you. 

If I can encourage you in two ways today it would be this: pause to remember what you’re truly thankful for, and thank a gym owner or coach. And if you’re crushing it solo in your living room or garage, thank whoever inspired or helped get you there. 

I’ll start: Thank you Matt and Caitlin for doing whatever you can to continue keeping us at Red Wolf CrossFit fit, and to Matt especially who introduced me to CrossFit, and Helen, fourteen years ago. 

Justin LoFranco

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