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Who Finished 21.1 Faster, Men or Women?

March 18, 2021 by
Courtesy of Adriana Fernandez
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As the first workout of the 2021 Open came to a close, the leaderboard began to populate and shuffle. While both the top fifty men and women posted some impressive times, at the end of the day, it was the men who took the fastest times overall in this workout.

Comparing the top 50: When looking at the top fifty athletes in this workout in both the men’s and women’s division, the men have the women beat by 12 seconds on average.

  • This counters the initial argument that many made that women would perform better on this workout due to their generally shorter statutes and lighter bodyweights.
  • The women also have a higher range from the first place finisher to the 50th place finisher, with the first place finisher finishing 2 minutes and 13 seconds faster than the 50th place finisher, compared to the men, who had a range of 1:45
Top 50MenWomen
Average Time12:0312:15
Range of Times1:452:13

Comparing the cream of the crop: While the top 50 might give us a better overall picture of the performance of elite athletes, the top ten can show us how the best of the best compare against each other.

  • When we look at the top of the leaderboard, while the men may have beat the women in terms of the top fifty athletes, the top ten women were five seconds faster than the top ten men.
  • The top five women also posted scores, a mere 24 seconds apart.
Top 10MenWomen
Average Time11:2111:16
Range of Times0:460:45

Why it matters: Given the nature of this workout, and its propensity to favor those with a lighter bodyweight and shorter height, it was significant that men, who typically weigh more and are taller, averaged a faster pace overall than women when looking at the top 50 athletes on the leaderboard. However, it seems that the top ten female athletes are where the female athletes truly show their dominance, finishing an average of five seconds faster than the same category of men.

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