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Teen Beat: 16- and 17-Year Old Sit Atop the Women’s Overall Leaderboard After 21.2

March 23, 2021 by
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If you were among the people that thought the performances of the athletes in the teen division during the opening workout of the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games Open were flukes, a look at the unofficial leaderboard after scores were submitted for 21.2 on Monday will make you think again. 

This is week two of our three week review of the teen division and recent teen alums and how they stack up against the top athletes on the Open leaderboard.

Again the results are unofficial as the leaderboard will not be confirmed and finalized till all scores have been verified on Wednesday evening.

Girls 16-17 Division: Two huge storylines have now developed after Monday’s score submission 1) Two teens sit atop the overall leaderboard and 2) Emma Cary becomes the youngest athlete ever to win an Open workout (unofficially until her score is validated).

  • Mallory O’Brien: Ladies and gentlemen, your unofficial Open leader after two weeks is a 17-year old with 12 points. She’s the only athlete (man or woman) who has finished in the top-ten in the two released Open workouts. In 21.2, O’Brien placed eighth with a time of 9:17, this coming after her fourth place finish in 21.1. Her 12 points are seven ahead of reigning four-time “Fittest Woman on Earth” Tia-Clair Toomey who sits in third place in the overall leaderboard. With just one workout left in this year’s Open the question is can O’Brien hold onto the top spot?
  • Emma Cary: Cary, at 16 years old, is in second place on the overall leaderboard with 15 points. But perhaps the most impressive feat is that if her score stands and she incurs no penalties, Cary will become the youngest athlete to ever win an Open workout. She finished 21.2 in 8:51 almost a full minute faster than the winning time when the workout was first introduced as 17.1 during the 2017 Open.
  • Interestingly enough, both O’Brien and Cary are tied for the lead in the 16-17 teen division leaderboard with three points apiece.
  • Emma Lawson: Another 16-year old athlete, moved up from 79th place on the leaderboard to 34th thanks to her time of 10:19 in 21.2. That time ranks 95th overall.
  • Olivia Sulek: Placed 92nd overall in 21.2 finishing one second ahead of Lawson with a time of 10:18 placing her 71st in the overall leaderboard.
  • Paulina Haro: The 17-year stands in 118th in the overall leaderboard after finishing 21.2 with a time of 10:50 which ranks 231st worldwide and first on the Mexico leaderboard.
  • Jaydan Velasquez: The newcomer to the sport still sits comfortably in a Quarterfinals invitation spot in 467th place despite finishing 1,403rd in 21.2 with a time of 12:20.
  • 16-year olds Sophia Shaft (574th), Nadia Szymialis (684th) and 17-year old Lydia Fish (636th) are among the numerous teens that are also in position to secure Quarterfinals invitations.

Boys 16-17 Division: The boys division unfortunately didn’t have the success that their female counterparts had in 21.2 or on the overall leaderboard, however there were still some notable performances and a number of the teens are in Quarterfinal invitation spots. The biggest takeaway looking at the boys leaderboard is that the top-ten is represented by ten different countries.

  • Omri Meler: Ranks 307th on the worldwide leaderboard which is the highest placing amongst the division. The 17-year old from Israel ranks second on the division leaderboard.
  • Hiko O Te Rangi Curtis: The 17-year old from New Zealand is actually on top of the division leaderboard but ranks behind Meler in the worldwide leaderboard. He sits in 537th place on the overall leaderboard putting him in position to earn a Quarterfinals invitation.
  • Cormac O’Reilly: Ranks 652nd on the overall leaderboard and third on the division leaderboard representing Ireland.
  • Rökkvi Guðnason: The 16-year old from CrossFit Reykjavik in Iceland was the only teen in the division to finish under 11:00 with a time of 10:57 which places him 576th in the world. 

Age Group Alumni: This elite group continues to make their impact on the leaderboard in week two of the Open. The boys division alum made a push during 21.2 and their performances moved them into the top-50 of the overall leaderboard.

  • Dallin Pepper: Pepper leads the group of alums sitting in 18th place in the overall leaderboard. The 19-year old and three-time teen division champion has two top-50 Open workout finishes, placing 43rd in 21.2 with a time of 9:51.
  • Cole Greashaber: The 21-year old sits in 33rd place overall finishing 21.2 in 9:59, good enough for 67th worldwide.
  • James Sprague: The 19-year old made a huge jump thanks to a standout performance in 21.2. Sprague went from 162nd overall to 38th after completing 21.2 in 9:12 which is seventh best in the world.
  • Haley Adams: As expected, the two-time top-ten Games finisher leads the way for alums sitting in 8th place overall.
  • Gabriela Migala: Migala put in a huge performance during 21.2, placing eighth with a time of 9:18 moving her from 174th in the overall leaderboard to 39th.
  • Shelby Neal: Neal competed at the Games in the 16-17 division in both 2016 and 2017 and is making a run for her first Games individual appearance and after two solid Open performances she sits in 41st in the overall leaderboard.
  • Alexis Raptis (65th),  Filippa Ferm (68th) and Paige Powers (100th) are other notable alums in the top-100.

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