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21.2 Welcomes New Faces To The Top 50

March 25, 2021 by
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While the CrossFit community is used to seeing the perennial names that top the leaderboard and dominate the sport, 21.2 brought forth some fresh new faces to the leaderboard. Compared to the 17.1 leaderboard, the front page of the 21.2 leaderboard looked significantly different, when it came to the names who dominated the workout.

One big thing: Looking at the front page of the 17.1 leaderboard, only 9 women and 4 men made it back to the front page. This means that 92% of the men’s top 50 and 82% of the women’s top 50 from 2017 made an appearance in the top 50 of 21.2.

  • This could be due partly to the fact that in order to receive the same placement in the top 50 that you did in 2017, you had to average about 49 seconds faster for the men and 56 seconds faster for the women.
  • While some athletes made the cut on improvements for their 21.2 score, many did not.

The following athletes made it back to the top 50 in 2021:

Name17.1 Placement17.1 Time21.2 Placement21.2 Time
Scott Cotril1st9:5719th9:31
Travis Mead18th10:2024th9:38
Mitchel Stevenson4th10:0327th9:39
Noah Ohlsen50th10:3821st9:33
Name17.1 Placement17.1 Time21.2 Placement21.2 Time
Samantha Briggs2nd9:4734th9:49
Emma Chapman3rd9:5912th9:27
Kristine Best5th10:0421st9:38
Kristin Holte7th10:072nd8:58
Kari Pearce11th10:1623rd9:41
Emma McQuaid13th10:219th9:24
Annie Thorisdottir16th10:3020th9:36
Kara Saunders23rd10:3824th9:42
Jamie Simmonds29th10:406th9:09

While many who made it back to the front page of the leaderboard for 21.2 all had a decrease in placement, 3 of the 9 women and one of the four men who made it back to the top 50 for 21.2 increased their placement.

  • Most notably, was Jamie Simmonds who went from 29th place in 2017 to 6th place in 2021 with a 1 minute and 31 second improvement on her overall time in the workout.
  • Kristin Holte also improved her standing in 21.2 by 5 places after improving her time by over a minute to finish 2nd overall in 21.2.
  • Noah Ohlsen also moved from the fringes of the top 50 to 21st place, with more than a minute of improvement on his time.

Other notable names who made significant improvements to their 17.1 times to make it into the top 50 for the first time in this workout include:

  • Kristi Eramo O’Connell, who finished just outside the top 50 in 2017 in 55th place with a time of 10:57. This year, she improved her score by over a minute, finishing in 9:41 and coming in 22nd place.
  • Tia Clair Toomey-Orr, who finished in 76th place in 17.1 with a time of 11:06. This year, she improved her overall placing by 65 spots on the leaderboard and improved her time by 90 seconds, finishing in 9:26.
  • Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson finished 17.1 in 10:50, taking 105th overall (a score that would have gotten him 460th this year). This year, he finished 21.2 in 9:39, taking 25th overall in the workout.
  • Haley Adams was just 16 years old when she first tackled this workout, finishing in 371st place amongst the individual men and women with a score of 12:09. While 2017 brought an impressive finish for the 16-year-old, the now 20 year old impressed us once again with a 36th place finish overall and a more than 2-minute improvement in her time to finish in 9:50.

The big picture: As the sport of CrossFit evolves and athletes become bigger, faster, and stronger, it becomes more and more difficult for athletes to maintain their placement on top of the leaderboard from year to year. However, 21.2 is a clear indicator of not only the improvement of the CrossFit community as a whole, but also the cream of the crop. It shows the growth of CrossFit as a sport and how the further professionalization of the sport has produced higher performance on all levels.

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