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Teen Beat: Cary and O’Brien Currently in Top-Five, Lawson and Haro Also Make Mark on the Women’s Leaderboard

March 30, 2021 by
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We have long been saying the future of the sport of CrossFit, especially the women’s division, was on its way. It’s safe to say that it’s here as the third and final week of the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games Open has revealed an unofficial leaderboard with a number of teens moving onto the Quarterfinals and possibly beyond.

Again, the results are unofficial at this point as the leaderboard will not be confirmed and finalized till all scores have been verified on Wednesday evening.

Girls 16-17 Division: This division has made their mark on the leaderboard from the start of the Open and it’s only fitting that they continued to do so at the conclusion. Barring any unforeseeable penalties, the division will have three teens finish in the top-15 and five in the top 100. 

  • Emma Cary: The 16-year old’s time atop the leaderboard was short-lived as reigning and defending four-time “Fittest Woman on Earth” Tia Clair Toomey won her first career Open. Cary finished second by a comfortable margin, the highest Open finish by any teen division athlete. She finished 20th in 21.3 with a time of 8:28 and showed off her strength with an impressive lift of 218 pounds in the barbell complex of 21.4. That lift was good for 37th worldwide (her worst finish in the Open) and the second best lift amongst her 16-17 teen contemporaries. The runner-up finish puts Cary in line to win $10,000, combine that with the $2,021 she earned for winning 21.2, this will be the most money she has earned through a prize purse (CrossFit Games does not offer prize money for the teen divisions).
  • Mallory O’Brien: O’Brien at one time stood atop the overall leaderboard until she incurred a penalty during 21.2 that caused her to drop outside the top 25. However showing poise and maturity well beyond that of a typical 17-year old, she recorded her second fourth place finish of the Open in 21.3 with a time of 7:38, one second behind Toomey. She followed that with a lift of 217 pounds in 21.4, placing 43rd, one pound behind Cary. Her solid performances in the final two Open workouts moved her into fifth place on the leaderboard. Her two fourth place Open event finishes put her in rare company as one of just three women to record multiple top-ten finishes this year, joining Toomey, who had three and Haley Adams with two. She’s the only athlete to have two top-five Open event finishes. Her fifth-place finish will net her $5,000 once the leaderboard is finalized.
  • Emma Lawson: Three months ago Lawson celebrated her 16th birthday, today the Canadian sits in 15th place overall. After starting the Open in 79th after 21.1 she has made a steady climb up the leaderboard, culminating with a very respectable finish in both 21.3 and 21.4. Her lift of 216 pounds placed her 55th worldwide, her best event finish in the Open.
  • Paulina Haro: The queen of CrossFit in Mexico is 17-years old. She made a huge jump from 118th worldwide after 21.2 to now ranking 27th. However, the most impressive feat was her performance in 21.4 where she put up a weight of 232 pounds which ranks sixth worldwide. Her weight matched what Kara Saunders put up in the complex and was 14 pounds more than her closest teen competitor in Cary.
  • Olivia Sulek: Sulek was the top teen in last year’s Open when she finished an impressive 50th. This year she nearly matched that performance as she finished 52nd.
  • Kristel Runhaar: The 17-year old from the Netherlands gave the teen division its second event win after Cary winning 21.2. Runhaar won 21.3 with a time of 6:23, the only athlete to finish under 7:00 in the 15:00 time cap event.
  • Sophia Shaft: Shaft will move onto the Quarterfinals thanks in part to her finish in 21.3. The 16-year old placed 28th in the event with a time of 8:43 and sits in 228th place overall.
  • Based on current numbers, unofficially, 113 teen girls will move on to the Quarterfinals.
  • For North America, 69 girls are within the 10% threshold to qualify for the Quarterfinals. 
  • Included in that group of girls is the Morning Chalk Up’s very own teen writer extraordinaire Ava Kitzi, who ranks 4,722 overall and 59th in the 16-17 year old teen division, qualifying her for the Age Group Online Qualifier as well.
  • Europe will have 21 teen girls and Oceania will qualify 11 for the Quarterfinals.
  • South America will have eight girls eligible to compete in the Quarterfinals led by Luiza Dias who finished 10th in the final leaderboard for her Region.
  • Asia will just have one teen competing in the Quarterfinals in 17-year old Russian Angelina Zabelina.
  • Africa has three teen girls eligible for the Quarterfinals.

Boys 16-17 Division: For the third-straight week, the top of the teen boys leaderboard has a different name. Russian 17-year old Oleg Krivtsov is the unofficial winner of the division and is the highest ranked teen overall at 895th place.

  • Martin Tovar: The 17-year old had the top time in the division for 21.3 at 9:34 which ranked 401st worldwide. He ranks 10th overall in the division and is set to receive a Quarterfinals invite.
  • Johan Roberts: The Kiwi had the top lift in the teen division for 21.4, putting up a 292 pounds which ranks 468th worldwide.
  • 103 teen boys fall within the men’s Quarterfinals threshold right now. 
  • Fifty teens from North America and 21 from Europe lead the pack for teens in Quarterfinal positions.
  • Teens from Oceania (12), South America (10), Asia (8) and Africa (2) round out the Quarterfinal eligible numbers in the division.

Age Group Alumni: Haley Adams is the measuring stick for the future of the teen division. The 20-year old is currently sitting in tenth on the overall leaderboard thanks to her two top-ten finishes in 21.1 and 21.3. In 21.3 she finished in a time of 7:52 which was ninth worldwide.

  • Cole Greashaber: The 21-year moved up from 33rd place overall to 9th to lead the boy’s division alums. He finished 51st worldwide in 21.3 with a time of 8:25, his best Open event finish. 
  • Guilherme Malheiros: One of the strongest men in CrossFit made his presence known during 21.4 putting up a weight of 343 pounds which was good enough for seventh worldwide, propelling the 21-year old into 83rd overall.
  • Haraldur Holgersson (84th) and Dallin Pepper (93rd) round out the teen alums in the top-100.
  • Gabriela Migala: Ended her 2021 Open on a strong note with a 29th finish in 21.4 putting up a weight of 221 pounds in the complex. That finish moved her into 12th place overall.
  • Shelby Neal: Finished 21.3 in 9:06 which is ranked 57th worldwide and moved her into 34th place overall.
  • Paige Powers (69th), Kaela Stephano (71st) and Alexis Raptis (95th) are other notable alums that finished in the top-100.

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