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Torian Pro Day Two Recap: Vets Newbury, Brown, Boon, Beath, and Sturt Surge up the Leaderboard Setting Up an Epic Final Day

May 29, 2021 by
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All three divisions kicked off day two with a version of the memorial workout Hann. And with 300 points on the line Saturday, there was a ton of moving and shaking at the Patrick Rafter Arena down in Brisbane yesterday.

Individual Women’s Event Breakdown: 

Event 3: Hann

  • Courtney Haley and Alethea Boon, took the two of the top three times coming out of heat three. 
  • Haley ultimately won the event in a blistering 8:42; nearly 30 seconds faster than second place Boon.
  • Simone Arthur,Madeline Sturt and Laken Watt take third though fifth to round out the top five.

Event 4: Double Trouble

  • Jade Williams set the pace early and ended up fourth in the event finishing in 10:51
  • Kara Saunders (9:23), Laura Clifton (9:24), and Ellie Turner (9:55) had an exciting finish in which Saunders edged Clifton by a second and Turner cruised right behind them for third in the event. 

Event 5: Clean and Jerk Ladder

  • Five women (Bailey Rogers, Saunders, Anniko Roberts, Clifton, and Olivia Kelly all clear the last 111kg/244 pound bar of the ladder.
    • That was their order of finish based on the top breaker, which was how quickly they lifted the last bar.
  • Turner took solo sixth in the event by successfully lifting the 109kg/239 pound bar
  • Courtney Haley, Jessica Coughlan, and Laken Watt all gave up a lot of points harem likely falling out of contention for one of the Games spots

Women’s Standings after Day Two: 

  1. Kara Saunders (464)
  2. Laura Clifton (380)
  3. Ellie Turner (360)
  4. Alethea Boon (348)
  5. Christee Bishop (340)
  6. Justin Beath (337)
  7. Madeline Sturt (335)
  8. Simone Arthur (326)
  9. Bailey Rogers (307)
  10. Laken Watt (296)

Leaderboard Spotlights:

  • Saunders continued to dominate taking 6th, 1st, and 2nd in the day’s events, opening up an 84 point lead for herself heading into the final day. 
  • Clifton and Turner each struggled on the first event of the day (finishing 17th and 25th), but bounced back with finishes of 2nd/3rd and 3rd/6th to put themselves in the other two qualifying positions with only two events left.
  • Beath and Sturt climbed up the leaderboard and have put themselves within striking distance (6th and 7th place) of completing an epic comeback tomorrow. 
    • Sturt has done this before, twice she’s come from outside the top 28 on Saturday to claim a ticket to the Games, the only difference is that there were five spots available those years, and this time there are only three.

Individual Men’s Event Breakdown: 

Event 3: Hann

  • Royce Dunne (7:02) and Luke De Jonge (7:17) outpace previous great times by James Newbury (7:29), John Champion (7:39), and Bayley Martin (7:40) to take first and second in the first event of the day.
  • Both Bayden Brown (19th) and Khan Porter (23rd) struggled on this one, and at that point, the outcome for the weekend as a whole was looking rather bleak.

Event 4: Double Trouble

  • Porter (9:41) and Brown (9:46) redeemed themselves with second and third place event finishes.
  • But it was De Jonge who won the event finishing in 9:28 and propelling himself into the top spot overall for the time being.
  • This time it was Dunne who stumbled, taking 17th on an event it seemed he should have done well on.

Event 5: Clean and Jerk Ladder

  • Jake Standen, Brandon Swan, and Evan Morris are the only three men to clear the final 161kg/354 pound bar. 
  • Several others were close, but it was Dunne who probably should have had it most.
    • He went for the win by trying to lift the final bar quickly and ultimately missed twice; hopefully he’s not looking back at those points as a lost opportunity tomorrow.

Men’s Standings after Day Two: 

  1. Jay Crouch (368)
  2. Luke De Jonge (366)
  3. Royce Dunne (361)
  4. Luke Fiso (356)
  5. James Newbury (344)
  6. Bayden Brown (338)
  7. William Kearney (314)
  8. Khan Porter (306)
  9. Bayley Martin (285)
  10. Jack Clark (277)

Leaderboard Spotlights:

  • Crouch had finishes of 8th, 9th, and 10th  on the day, but while everyone else had a relatively bad event, his consistency propelled him to the top spot entering the last day.
  • Half of the top ten is 22 years old or younger, with two of them, Crouch and De Jonge, in the top two positions with only two events remaining.
  • A trio of men 30+ are breathing down their necks, including Newbury who surged from heat three all the way to fifth place and only sits 17 points out of a Games position.
  • With a wheelhouse workout looming in event seven, is there enough time left for Porter to climb into the top three?

Team Division: 

Coming into day two at the Torian Pro, all eyes still remained on the battle between Team Urban and 64 Army Gold who sat five points apart on the leaderboard going into the first event of Day 2. 

Event 1: Hann Day 2 at the Torian pro started off with some gymnastics work for teams. Three rounds for time of a 100’ handstand walk, four person synchronized toes to bar, and a 30’ worm lunge.

  • Looking at yesterday’s event, it seemed that Team Urban who went unbroken on the synchronized bar muscle-ups in Amanda ‘21 would be strong contenders for a top finish in this workout.
  • However, it was CrossFit Awaside that blew the rest of the pack away with the next fastest team, 64 Army Gold, finishing just 15 seconds behind them.
  • Another notable finish, was Rec Gym Black, who currently sits in 16th, took a 5th place finish to disrupt the leaderboard.

Event 2 and 3: Men’s and Women’s Clean and Jerk Ladder

  • Coming into this event, all eyes were on the teams who finished on top of the leaderboard during the strength event in the quarterfinals (a 4-rep max front squat), including 64 Army Gold who came in first and Starr Strength Botany who came in second.
  • The final barbells lifted in the men’s division came down to a fight between 64 Army Gold and Urban CrossFit. However, Glenn Cole would move the furthest, with Adam Mansy tapping out at 154kg/338 pounds.
  • Reilly Smith of CrossFit Newstead would however, move the furthest in the ladder, only failing the final barbell.
  • Perhaps most impressive in the women’s division, was Kate Gordon, power cleaning her way through every single lift and becoming the first team female to finish the ladder for Team Reebok CrossFit Frankston.
  • In the end, Star Strength Botany would walk home with the heaviest combined lifts for men and Reebok CrossFit Frankston for the women.

The battle for the final day: Currently the battle for teams sits in the final three qualifying position for the CrossFit Games going into the final day.

  • Awaside, Reebok CrossFit Frankston, and 64 Army Steel remain tied with 380 points in 3rd, 4th, and 5th respectively (broken up only by tiebreakers).
  • However, these three teams have locked themselves solidly into the top five,  Wiser 1 Phoenix trails that trio of teams by 20 points heading into day three.

Team Standings after Day Two:

  1. 64 Army Gold (465)
  2. Urban Athletics (440)
  3. Awaside (380)
  4. Reebok CrossFit Frankston (380)
  5. 64 Army Steel (380) 
  6. Wiser 1 Phoenix (360)
  7. CrossFit Newstead (335)
  8. Star Strength Botany (320)
  9. Injustice Crew (260)
  10. 64 Army Indigo (230)

The Big Picture: Thirty points separate the top six men, forty-five points separate women two through seven, and three teams are tied for third place with another team only twenty points back. All three divisions are poised for nail-biting finishes, and quick back-of-the-napkin-math after the final tomorrow because only three men, women, and teams will earn an invitation to the Games, and there are only two events left before the dust settles.

How to Watch:

  • Final day action starts again at 9:00 AM local time (7:00 PM EST/4:00 PM PST) for the teams. 
  • Individuals take the floor for the last time at 12:00 PM local time (10:00 PM EST/7:00 PM PST). With the final set for 3:00 PM local time (1:00 AM EST/10:00 PM PST). 
  • Head to the CrossFit Games YouTube, or to catch all the action. 

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