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Anthony Davis Breaks Live CrossFit Competition Snatch Records at the Granite Games

June 4, 2021 by
Photo Credit: Athlete's Eye Photography
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After missing his first snatch attempt at 295 pounds yesterday evening at the Granite Games in Eagan, MN, Anthony Davis casually rolled his barbell back into position before switching to, and easily hitting, a power snatch.

  • His second lift was similar. Davis missed a 315-pound snatch and looked mildly annoyed at best, before easily knocking out his second attempt in the alloted 20-second lifting window. 
  • Davis finally hit his stride on his third lift, nailing an unprecedented 340 pounds and setting a record for live CrossFit competition.
  • “That looked like his best lift so far…He just needed to get heavier to really push him down into a better overhead squat position,” joked commentator Tommy Marquez.

The rest of the field: While a 340-pound snatch is off the charts by any snatch standard in the sport of CrossFit, the rest of the field—both on the men’s and women’s side—also performed in a jaw-dropping way. 

  • Five women, including 17 year-old Emma Cary, snatched 200 pounds, while Nicole Mghenyi topped the event with a 215-pounds lift. Two others, Alessandra Pichelli and Madison McElhaney, hit 210 pounds.
  • On the men’s side, three other men hit the 300-pound mark, while two more hit 295 pounds.

One big thing: On paper, the Granite Games Semifinals appeared to have an arguably more watered down field than the MACC last weekend, which led many to question how fair the Semifinals process would be. But in the head-to-head snatch competition, the Granite Games competitors get the big W.

  • Both the MACC and the Granite Games had five women hit the 200-pound snatch mark, but the field was deeper at the Granite Games. Sixteen women at the MACC hit 180 pounds or more, while 20 hit that mark at the Granite Games. Meanwhile, eight hit at least 190 pounds at the MACC, compared to 11 at the Granite Games.
  • And while seven men hit the 300-pound snatch threshold at the MACC, compared to four the Granite Games, the same number of men at both competitions hit at least 290 pounds (8 competitors), and 11 competitors at the Granite Games snatched at least 285 pounds, compared to nine at the MACC. 
  • “You’re not the only ones that can lift heavy, MACC,” said commentator Chase Ingraham as he watched the Granite Games competitors knock their snatches out of the park.

In perspective: As we reported last week during the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge Semifinals in Knoxville, Tennessee, these numbers are nothing to shake a stick at.

  • The last time we saw a one-rep max snatch event at a Regional competition—the most comparable level of competition to the Semifinals stage of the season—was in 2015. That year, only two women across all eight regions snatched the 200-pound mark, and not a single man hit 300 pounds.
  • Further, six years ago, just five percent of the competition on the women’s side snatched 180 pounds. In comparison, two-thirds of the field of 30 snatched at least 180 pounds yesterday evening at the Granite Games.
  • Similarly, on the men’s side, just four percent of competitors in 2015 hit at least 275 pounds. Yesterday at the Granite Games, 19 out of 30 men—63 percent of the field—hit at least 275 pounds.

The bottom line: The MACC last weekend was not a snatch anomaly in CrossFit competition. It’s 2021, and to be competitive at the highest level of the sport, boasting a 200-pound snatch as a woman, and a 300-pound snatch as a man is now, almost, an expectation.

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