Guilherme Malheiros Showcases Incredible Growth as Most Improved Athlete

August 1, 2021 by
Photo credit: Kay Wiese
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The 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games came to an end on Sunday with one final battle between the top athletes in Madison, WI. Tia-Clair Toomey and Justin Medeiros earned the title of Fittest on Earth while one of their peers displayed incredible growth. Guilherme Malheiros put on a show and locked up a seventh place overall. 

Remind me: A former Games competitor in the teen division (16-17), Malheiros took second in 2017. He returned to the Games in 2019 as an adult and represented Brazil in Madison. However, his second trip was short-lived. Malheiros took 26th in First Cut, 57th in Second Cut, and 48th in the Ruck before his competition came to an end with another series of cuts. Malheiros headed home in 48th place. 

Malheiros made his return to Madison in 2021 and started slowly with a 22nd place finish in the first event. However, he quickly turned a corner and began putting on a show for the raucous crowd in Madison. 

  • Malheiros took sixth place in the second event, marking a major improvement. He then turned heads with his first event win of the weekend, taking first in the 550-yard sprint.
  • Malheiros continued to showcase his skills throughout the weekend despite placing outside the top 25 in Events 4 and 5. When it came to weightlifting, he showcased his skills on the biggest stage. Malheiros locked up his second win of the weekend in the second clean/running event and fired up the crowd with his celebrations. 

Malheiros saved his best performance for the final event on Saturday night. He stepped up to the lifting platform and faced off with some of the best lifters in the sport in the one-rep max snatch event. It did not matter that the lights were on him and he faced extra pressure; Malheiros responded with a jaw-dropping performance. 

  • The Brazilian went toe-to-toe with Royce Dunne as the weights increased. They both hit 290 and 295 before heading back to the lifting platform for 300 pounds. 
  • Dunne and Malheiros both hit 300 pounds but the competition came to an end with the final weight. The Australian athlete failed 305 pounds and set the Brazilian up for the win. Malheiros immediately headed to the bar and snatched the weight with ease before dabbing for those in attendance. 

Regardless of the test thrown his way throughout the weekend, Malheiros continued to showcase his growth as an athlete en route to a seventh-place finish with 958 points. He fought during every single event, often finishing ahead of peers with more name recognition. He then showcased his excitement with celebrations that pumped up the crowd. 

Bottom line: If Malheiros’ performance in Madison is any indication, he will be a factor in the CrossFit Games for years to come. He already has three appearances at the Games, including a trip as a teen athlete. He still has some work to do on his yoke carries and some other movements, but he is already proving himself to be a capable and exciting athlete. 

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