10 Quarantine Questions with Maddie Sturt

August 15, 2021 by
Photo courtesy of Maddie Sturt.
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Like several other Aussie CrossFit Games athletes, Maddie Sturt and her partner Jay Crouch are currently under a mandatory two-week quarantine at a hotel in Australia. Citizens are required to stay in a hotel for a full two weeks upon re-entry, one of the contributing factors to why it cost some Aussie athletes up to $20,000 to compete at the CrossFit Games.

We caught up with Maddie Sturt while she’s quarantined to ask a few questions.

MCU: How long have you been quarantined so far? And when are you able to return home?

MS: Today is day 7 of 14. We are able to check out on the 23rd of August and have 24 hours to return to Melbourne and not go ‘into the community’/red zone of Sydney.

MCU: Describe the experience overall?

MS: Well we feel like prisoners. It is a massive difference from America to here. When we landed in Sydney we had Police and Army armed escorts to hotel quarantine. The room is fine and the hotel staff are super nice and very accomodating. I just wish we had outside access or could at least open our hotel room window. That is the super annoying part of this is that everyone is paying the same amount of money to hotel quarantine but it is a lucky dip in terms of what hotel you go to. Other Aussies got lucky and have a balcony.

MCU: What does a typical day look like?

MS: Not a whole lot. We have just been trying to keep ourselves occupied and productive. We were lucky enough to get a spin bike and some dumbbells.

MCU: What non-physical activities have you been up to?

MS: I’ve been trying to finish my Precision Nutrition Course. Little bit of Netflix. I was able to catch up on the Aussies in the Olympics.

MCU: What is one thing you don’t have with you right now that you wish you did?

MS: Probably a kitchen with groceries or a balcony.

MCU: Are you able to leave your room at all and hang with other athletes as you choose?

MS: Not at all.  If you leave your room you’ll probably get fined. You also don’t have a key to your room so if you leave you can’t get back in.

MCU: What was the most recent movie you watched?

MS: Jay and I just finished watching season 2 of Outer Banks. We would definitely love some more recommendations!

MCU: What kind of food have you been able to eat?

MS: It’s been good and bad. Lunch and dinners have been pretty decent but we have been ordering in Uber eats for most breakfasts.

MCU: What workouts have you been doing?

MS: I’ve typically been doing a session on the spin bike and then a workout with Jay. The workout we did yesterday was:

Single arm DB devils press
Goblet squat

MCU: What’s one unexpected positive outcome from being stuck in a hotel for the last several days?

MS: That we are actually back in Australia and not stuck in America. Our flights changed about 6 times while we were in America. One day we could fly home, the next day we couldn’t.

MCU: Who’s the first person you plan to see when you go home?

MS: Sarge, myself and Jay’s puppy. My grandma in Sydney is looking after my old rescue dog Wilfred. I am not sure when I will see him again and get him back to Melbourne but we are definitely excited to see Sarge.


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