10 Quarantine Questions with Royce Dunne

August 15, 2021 by
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Like several other Aussie CrossFit Games athletes, Royce Dunne is currently under a mandatory two-week quarantine at a hotel in Australia. Citizens are required to stay in a hotel for a full two weeks upon re-entry, one of the contributing factors to why it cost some Aussie athletes up to $20,000 to compete at the CrossFit Games.

We caught up with Royce Dunne while he’s quarantined to ask a few questions.

MCU: How long have you been quarantined so far? And when are you able to return home?

RD: I’m currently starting day 9 and can leave the morning of day 15 (20th August AEST).

MCU: Describe the experience overall?

RD: Surreal. It feels vaguely like jail. The staff are very accommodating and a nurse checks in regularly for physical and mental health, but it feels like we have done something wrong – even though we were given the exemption to leave in the first place. It feels like it shouldn’t be legal haha.

MCU: What does a typical day look like?

RD: Get up, brush teeth, make breakfast, catch up on social media with my friends overseas, FaceTime the family, entertain myself on the computer or TV, workout, dinner, FaceTime again, shower, bed.

MCU: What non-physical activities have you been up to?

RD: I’ve just started The Handmaid’s Tale (late to the party) and it is eerily similar to how this lockdown feels haha.

MCU: What is one thing you don’t have with you right now that you wish you did?

RD: My family. Physical thing: something to make real coffee with. Aero press, or a full blown espresso machine.

MCU: Are you able to leave your room at all and hang with other athletes as you choose?

RD: You cannot leave the room at all, you must wear a mask to even open the door to get your food/deposit trash. Some people get lucky with a balcony. I have a large window facing 3 other buildings that no direct sunlight enters. And the window doesn’t even open.

MCU: What was the most recent movie you watched?

RD: 22 Jump Street

MCU: What kind of food have you been able to eat?

Anything you want really, you can order food to the room (Uber) they have a pretty diverse dinner menu and I have done a grocery order for myself.

MCU: What workouts have you been doing?

RD: Thanks to the awesome community here in Sydney I’ve been fortunate enough to get an Assault bike. I did 30s on, 30s off for 30 min for max cals. Loved it.

MCU: What’s one unexpected positive outcome from being stuck in a hotel for the last several days?

RD: Forced rest and reflection. Having absolutely no obligations or requirements mean a strange sense of peace, as well as the personal development from having to be alone with your thoughts for so long. Despite the situation and my personal disagreement with the process, I am extremely grateful for how God has taken care of me this trip and for the amazing season I got to be a part of. I am humbled by all the support and love I’ve received and feel more appreciative of our freedom and privilege in this country.

MCU: Who’s the first person you plan to see when you go home?

RD: My family, Laurie my wife and my three children Jack, Harry and Chloe.


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