Sleep More and Win: Morning Chalk Up and WHOOP Team Up for Sleep May-Nia

May 2, 2022 by
Photo Credit: WHOOP
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Over the next month, Morning Chalk Up is partnering up with WHOOP, CrossFit Mayhem, The Buttery Bros and Talking Elite Fitness to focus on getting a few more Z’s for the month of May. Our WHOOP communities will be competing against one another for who can average the most sleep this month with special prizes for the team with the most shuteye. 

  • P.S. No passing your WHOOP band off to your dog. 🐶

Why it matters: Statistically speaking, May and June are the two worst months on average for sleep. Sleep isn’t about just feeling rested. Getting the right amount of sleep is a key component of recovery so we’re setting aside May to refocus and educate you on the importance of sleep. 

After all, your sleep improves your ability to train, your training improves your performance, and your performance is what prepares you for life outside the box. 

Here’s what prizes are up for grabs:

  • The top 25 in sleep performance on the Morning Chalk Up team will win a free WHOOP kit.
  • Top five will win three free months.
  • Five members from the winning team will win six-month WHOOP memberships.  

How to join and compete:

  • If you’re already a WHOOP user, open your mobile app and click on community, click “Enter Invite Code” then enter “COMM-MCHALK” to join our team. 
  • If you’re not using WHOOP yet, join today and get a free month + a free band

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