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Team Division Updates from CrossFit HQ as 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Open Nears

January 18, 2023 by and
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CrossFit HQ just sent out their latest Hopper email and it reviews video submission best practices, team information and details regarding the judging course. This information was originally released back in November with the 2023 rulebook, but today we’re going to dive into some quick reminders for the team divisions. 


  • The affiliate must be in good standing with CrossFit HQ in order to register a team. 
  • As long as all of the Open workouts are performed at the registered affiliate’s physical location, anyone can belong to the affiliates team. 
  • Teams must be ready to provide video evidence of each individual team member performing all of the Open workouts at the registered affiliate. 


  • The team must be registered by the affiliate owner or athlete who will act as the team manager by paying the US$20 registration fee. 
  • The athlete who registers the team will be the team manager for the competition season. 
  • The team manager will use their CrossFit Account Competition Dashboard to create their team and select athletes to join (athletes can also join teams through their own dashboard). 


  • Rosters must be declared before Quarterfinals, locking in the possible members of their competition roster. 
  • A competition roster will consist of a minimum of four athletes (no alternates), consisting of two men and two women. 
  • A competition roster will consist of a maximum of six athletes (two alternates), consisting of three men and three women. 
  • Once a team starts a competition, they may not substitute in an alternate mid-competition for any reason (injury, etc.). 


  • The top two female and top two male scores from each team will be used to advance to the Quarterfinals. 
  • After the Open, all tests (Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Games), will be performed as a four-person team (two male and two female). 
  • The Quarterfinals tests may be performed at any location. 

Semifinals and Games

  • Any two men and two women from the team’s competition roster may check-in on-site and compete at either the Semifinals and/or Games. 
  • After the four team members have checked in on-site, no other listed members of the team will be eligible to compete. 
  • The four athletes competing at the Semifinals or Games do not need to be the same team members that compete during Quarterfinals, so long as they were registered as an alternate team member prior to the start of Quarterfinals. 
  • Alternates may only be utilized if the athlete who is no longer competing withdraws prior to the start of either the Semifinals or the Games. 

The bottom line: There have been many changes to the team division in the past few seasons, but this year’s rulebook and the Hopper email make the regulations quite clear. If you are planning on assembling a team for the 2023 CrossFit Games season, take note.

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