WeTime Offers Efficient Video-Upload Solution for the CrossFit Open

February 14, 2023 by
Photo Credit: WeTime
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You survived yet another CrossFit Open workout, but the work isn’t done. You still need to make sure your score gets submitted, and your video uploaded.

Still out of breath, you want to deal with the video burden sooner as opposed to later, so you start uploading your video to YouTube, only to be hit with the wheel of death and the message that your video is going to take two hours to upload.

Two hours later, when it’s finally done, you’re hit with a message from YouTube telling you there’s a copyright issue with the music that’s playing in the background of your video.


As an athlete, there’s enough to worry about during the Open. The last thing you want to add to your plate is video upload and submission stress. 

Enter WeTime: A Singapore-based tech timing app that is committed to making video submissions as easy as possible for the aspiring Quarterfinals and Semifinalist.

The details: In 2021, WeTime launched video-links as part of their Premium subscription to make uploading and submitting a video as efficient and foolproof as possible, explained WeFitness CEO Pablo Monzon.

  • “For the end user, video-links simplifies the process by making WeTime a one-stop shop where they can easily record, upload and submit their videos to competitions without having to juggle between platforms,” explained Monzon, adding that since 2021, more than 250,000 video-links have been created and submitted inside the WeTime app for competitions all around the world.
  • Further, video-links automatically include when and where the video was uploaded, which can be helpful during an online qualifier that demands this type of information. 
  • And finally, WeTime integrates with Concept2 technology, as well as Whoop, Polar and other Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitors, so you can view your real-time heart rate at each point during your workout. 
  • The ultimate goal: “To professionalize video submissions for online qualifiers and get rid of all the issues associated with using platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, blocked videos, copyrighted music etc etc,” Monzon said.

One big thing: If you’re the parent of a teenager doing the Open, WeTime means your teen video doesn’t have to sit on a public platform like YouTube or Vimeo.

  • “We fundamentally believe kids and teens should not have their workout videos on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo,” Monzon said. 

The big picture: If you have ever had a video upload or submission issue, you know how time-consuming, frustrating, and in some cases devastating (ask Anikha Greer), technology can be for online qualifiers like the Open. So, just like you wouldn’t forget your lifting shoes and a lifting belt to a four-rep max front squat test, it’s worth having the right technological tools in your toolbox before 23.1 hits you like a storm.

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