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Morning Chalk Up’s Guide to the 2023 Individual Quarterfinals

March 13, 2023 by and
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The 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games season has finally arrived. Thousands of athletes around the globe have just finished the Open, which brought on some new movements like the shuttle run and brought back some crowd favorites like the ring muscle-up.

But what comes next is Quarterfinals— bringing athletes one step closer to Madison, Wisconsin. The next set of tests, of which floor plans were released Monday, will begin on March 16. Here is a breakdown of how the individual quarterfinals will work, according to information provided by CrossFit HQ.

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Important Dates for Individual Quarterfinals

RegistrationMonday, March 13Friday, March 17 at 12pm PT
Floor Plans ReleasedMonday, March 13
All Tests ReleasedThursday, March 16
Submission Window #1Thursday, March 16 at 12pm PTFriday, March 17 at 12pm PT
Submission Window #2Friday, March 17 at 12pm PTSaturday, March 18 at 12pm PT
Submission Window #3Saturday March 18 at 12pm PTSunday, March 19 at 12pm PT
Leaderboard FinalizedMarch 27, 2023 or earlier, if video review process is complete

Making the Cut

The Top 10% of Individuals in each region qualify for Quarterfinals.

Emails will be sent to qualifying athletes* beginning Monday, March 13, which allow for registration through the CrossFit Games athlete profile. There are no backfill invitations if an athlete chooses to decline.

*Contact [email protected] with questions regarding qualification or registration.

RegionCutline – MenCutline – Women
North America East4,310th3,932nd
North America West3,144th2,808th
South America966th734th

Each Athlete’s Must-Haves

How it Works

Quarterfinals are entirely virtual. Here are three main components to the online CrossFit Games competition:

  1. Prepare: Athletes should have a registered judge, all necessary equipment and floor space, and video requirements ready before Thursday.
  2. Work: Once an athlete has registered, he or she will be able to submit a score and video for each workout during the corresponding submission window.
    • CrossFit has confirmed that athletes can, “and have historically been permitted to, complete each in the order of their choosing as long as they submit scores for the appropriate tests within the correct submission windows.”
  3. Submit: One or two workouts are due every 24 hours starting Thursday, March 16 through Sunday, March 19.
    • There are no exceptions for late submissions.

Video Submission

Athletes near the top of the leaderboard (for each workout, and overall) are required to have both:

  • Registered Judge
  • Valid Video Submission

See Section 2.08 in the 2023 CrossFit Games Rulebook for details regarding the number of athletes required to submit videos.

Keep in mind: CrossFit HQ can request a video from any Quarterfinal athlete at any time during the competition. 

  • Failure to provide a valid video will result in a score of “0” for the requested test.
  • If a video is invalidated (see standards in Rulebook section 1.23), the athlete will be disqualified from competition and his or her scores will be removed from the leaderboard.

Athletes Entering Multiple Divisions

Athletes competing in the individual and/or age-group divisions are also eligible to compete on a team roster in Quarterfinals, however specific regulations apply. 

  • The athlete must have been listed on the team’s roster during the Open (section 1.13).
  • Teams will declare their Competition Team roster during Quarterfinals registration. Only these four to six athletes are eligible to represent the team for the remainder of the season (section 2.04).
  • Each team must select two men and two women from the Competition Roster to complete the entirety of the Quarterfinal tests together. No substitutes may be used for any reason, including injury.
  • If qualified, athletes may only compete in either individual or team semifinals; they are not allowed to compete in both.
  • If qualified, athletes are allowed to compete in both the Online Age Group Semifinal and an in-person Semifinal (individual or team, not both).
  • CrossFit HQ also notes: “An athlete who decides to compete as an individual at Semifinals, who is also on a qualifying team’s competition roster (see section 2.04) is still eligible to compete with the team at the CrossFit Games, should the team advance past Semifinals.”.

What’s Next

The Top 60 men and women in Quarterfinals in the following regions will qualify for Semifinals:

  • North America East
  • North America West
  • Europe

The Top 30 men and women in these regions qualify for Semifinals:

  • Oceania
  • South America
  • Asia
  • Africa

Worldwide rankings for all Quarterfinal registrants will be published after the close of Quarterfinals. This sets in motion the Strength of Field equation for Semifinals to determine how many Games spots are available at each event.

Contact [email protected] for all official questions or clarifications.

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