Noah Ohlsen Shares Insights from His Career Heading into His Final Year as an Individual

May 1, 2023 by
Photo Credit: Frank Nguyen

If you know anything about the CrossFit Games, you’ve probably heard the name Noah Ohlsen once or twice. He has participated in thirteen CrossFit Opens, won the Spirit of the Games last year, and is on his way to his tenth year competing in the CrossFit Games.

Someone with that much experience has so many insights to share. I sat down with Noah to get the goods and better paint a picture into his approach to nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset with his drive to be competitive in the sport.

We started with diet history

  • He started doing CrossFit in 2010, which was his sophomore year in High School
  • The Paleo and Zone diets were very popular as the sport of CrossFit emerged where he focused on real whole foods, less processed foods, and little carbohydrates 
  • He went through a six year gap of a middle ground where he didn’t focus too much on nutrition but used things like a meal prep services for convenience
  • In the last 2-3 years he has been the most dialed in with regards to being prepared, tracking macros, and achieving specific body composition goals

What does a typical day of eating look like for Noah?

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