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Moving Day at the North America East Semifinal

May 20, 2023 by and
Photo Credit: Ava Kitzi
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Day two of the North America East Semifinal was a barbell party, featuring three scored events and a CrossFit Games preview with some of the top talent in the world. This schedule featured a mix of strength, speed, and skill, and Jeffrey Adler and Jayson Hopper took advantage on a crucial afternoon of competition. 

Event 3: Day two kicked off with a triplet of lifting, remixing the classic benchmark “Linda” with a substitution of heavy dumbbells for the traditional barbell bench press. The top times were comparable to the 2018 Regional scores, floating in the 12 to 13 minute range for top 10 finishers. 

  • Sam Cournoyer won his first ever Semifinals event, finishing the test in 12:04. Mayhem Athlete is known to include a healthy dose of dumbbell bench and barbell cycling in their programming, so it wasn’t surprising to see Cournoyer excel in a workout that tests muscular endurance. After five events, Cournoyer sits in fifth place overall heading into the final day of competition. 
  • Jayson Hopper was about 10 seconds behind Cournoyer, finishing in 12:15 to grab a second place finish to start day two. Hopper is showing the world the breadth of his capacity, winning the endurance test on day one and taking second in a strength-dominant event on day two. 
  • Roman Khrennikov grabbed his second, third-place finish on the weekend. Khrennikov was only four seconds behind Hopper, finishing event 3 in 12:19, which was nearly a full minute ahead of the fourth place finisher. In a similar fashion to Hopper, Khrennikov showed the range of his fitness with top finishes in both an endurance and strength-biased test. 
  • Jeffrey Adler continues to show his progression in the sport, taking fourth place in event 3 with a 13:13 finish. By the end of the first three events, Adler showed that he is among the top of the field in endurance, gymnastics and high volume weightlifting. 
  • Noah Ohlsen finished just two seconds behind Jeffrey Adler to take fifth place in Test 3. This may be the last year we get to see Noah Ohlsen compete as an individual, as he aims to qualify for his 10th CrossFit Games. With only two events remaining, Ohlsen has put himself in a good position to accomplish this goal, finishing the day in fourth place. 

Event 4 and Event 5: Moving day finished with a back-to-back showing of running and snatches. The two-parter started with an 800-meter run and a max-effort snatch. The athletes had six minutes to complete this first section. Following a two-minute rest period, they then had another six minutes to complete eight snatches (185 pounds) and another 800-meter run. 

  • Jayson Hopper won his second event of the weekend with a 305 pound snatch in Test 4 and finished event 5 in 11th place with a score of 3:09. He finished the day in second place overall. 
  • Luke Parker made big moves on Saturday with a 300 pound snatch in Test 4, which was good enough for a third place finish. He finished the day with an 11th place in Test 5, putting himself inside the top 12 (10th overall) at the end of the day. Parker is two events away from qualifying for his first individual CrossFit Games appearance. 
  • Jack Farlow is one of the youngest and strongest competitors in the men’s field. Farlow showcased this incredible strength with a 300 pound snatch in a stacked field of veteran competitors. With two events remaining, Farlow is inside the qualifying line in 11th place. Farlow has competed at the CrossFit Games as a team, but he’s put himself in the position to qualify for his first individual Games in 2023. 
  • It’s hard to believe Jeffrey Adler was once known as a strength specialist, being that his worst placement this weekend was a 10th in the max snatch event. Adler has evolved his game into one of the world’s most well-rounded athletes, taking two event wins thus far and never finishing outside the top 10. He is looking to win his second straight Semifinal tomorrow, as he leads the men’s field heading into the final day. 
  • Roman Khrennikov sold out on the final 800 meter run, finishing only two seconds behind Jeffrey Adler’s top time in event 5 for his best finish of the weekend thus far (second). He heads into the final day of competition in fourth place overall. 

The bottom line: The final day of the North America East Semifinal is all that stands between the top athletes competing in Orlando and a trip to the NOBULL CrossFit Games. There are only two events, but they both present significant hurdles.

The first event of the day is a chipper with a time cap of 15 minutes. The male athletes must complete 20 overhead squats (185 pounds), a 500-meter row, three handstand walk pirouettes, two seated legless rope climbs, 20 strict chest-to-wall handstand push-ups, two seated legless rope climbs, three handstand walk pirouettes, 500-meter row, and 20 overhead squats (185 pounds). 

The final event is all about the ability to push through the pain and go full send. The athletes will cap off the weekend with a three-round workout featuring a six-minute time cap. They must complete 15 calories on the Echo Bike, 20 toes-to-bar, and a 60-foot sandbag bear-hug carry (200 pounds).

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