Take Your Recovery On the Go Like These Elite Athletes

May 28, 2023 by
Photo Credit: Wilbert Noyola
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CrossFit athletes – whether elite competitors or everyday athletes- constantly look for ways to better their recovery. We all know that eating right, sleeping well, mobilizing frequently, and supplementing smart are important ways to elongate our athletic careers, but sometimes we need more. And sometimes finding time for that “something more,” is difficult, for every level of athlete. 

CrossFit Games athlete, coach, and commentator Adrian Conway even has trouble. “I am busy…over the next month I just returned from Florida teaching a CFL1 Seminar, I host a Semi’s prep camp for all my athletes this next weekend, I leave back to Florida to commentate and be an analyst for the NorthEast Semi, fly home for one day before flying to Pasadena, California and the NA West Semi to coach my 7 athletes throwing down. All the while I’ll train to keep as much fitness as possible while often neglecting much of my recovery work trying to balance my schedule and time with family and remote coaching.” 

Enter red light therapy.  Red light therapy is a newer technology to aid athletic recovery, but the origin can be traced back to the late 1960s when scientists discovered that specific light wavelengths positively impacted cellular function. As more research was done, it was found that red and near-infrared light could enhance energy production within cells and promote tissue repair and regeneration. 

Until recently, anyone looking to experience the benefits of red-light therapy would have to physically visit a therapist that housed a system or get an expensive one for your home, but either way, you could not multitask about your day while undergoing treatment. Kineon Labs is taking this therapy to a new level with their MOVE+ Pro. Kineon is a company of world-class individuals and researchers whose goal is to bring people high-quality products that improve their quality of life. Their vision is “to positively impact the largest number of people in the most impactful and meaningful way.”

This portable device is designed to battle oxidative stress, a phenomenon in the body caused by an imbalance between the production and accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in cells and tissues and your body’s ability to detoxify these reactive products.

Oxidative stress can be responsible for the onset or progression of several diseases, including…

–       Arthritis

–       Chronic inflammation

–       Atherosclerosis

–       Metabolic disorders

–       Cancer

–       Diabetes

–       Osteoarthritis

How Does The Kineon MOVE+ Pro Work?

–       it improves blood flow

–       reduces oxidative stress and inflammation

–       reduces pain by triggering cellular signaling processes

And it does it all through the use of a mobile device that allows users to take part in other activities while recovering.

The Feedback

Various clinical studies and human trials have validated these benefits, and the feedback from the CrossFit community has been glowing. The mobile units help Adrian Conway recover pain-free while on the go and low on time. “I love chasing intensity and squeezing in what volume I can, but I am busy! Constantly on the “Move” (see what I did there)…I’m sure there are many others like me, on the go, love to train, tight on time but want to feel as good as possible and train as much as possible. I’ll be using the units primarily on my knees and elbows as those are two bothersome spots for me when I don’t spend adequate time prepping and cooling down.”

More Glowing Reviews

–       Sara Sigmundsdottir  – “It can be just that simple … you put this red light therapy on you before you go into the car, and you’re driving for 30 minutes, and you’re actually recovering at the same time. I feel that red light therapy has been a very big game changer for me in this recovery. And I just love so much about it is how simple it is.” 

Photo Credit: Luke Ebron

–       Brooke Wells – “I would kind of dread sitting in front of the panel because I couldn’t look at things. I had to shut my eyes and like sit there, but then the MOVE+ Pro is just so convenient that you can just put it on and continue like whatever activities you’re doing…You can just like clip it on super easy and go by your day.”

Photo Credit: Alex Trobough

–       Sam Dancer – “In addition to the MOVE+ Pro what allows it to be so effective… we obviously enjoy the the mobility of it, the fact that I can wear it around the house and get stuff done. When I wake up, I’m slipping it onto my arm and running a few cycles. And after my workouts, I’m slipping it on and running a few cycles. And when I lay in bed, and I’m reading or doing whatever, I put it all. It’s so easy, and it takes nothing from you.”Ready to take your recovery to a new level? Check out Kineon’s MOVE+ Pro!

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