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First Look at the Field: Stats on the 2023 CrossFit Games Qualifiers

June 25, 2023 by
Photo Credit: Ava Kitzi @avakitzi
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What is the ideal body type or age to qualify to the CrossFit Games? The belief used to be that the shorter you are, the better, but it’s no longer that simple.

Although extremes on either end of the spectrum tend to be a disadvantage in overall performance, the 2023 roster of individuals has one of the most varied ranges of body demographics we’ve had in a while. Even more exciting is the wide age range present, with many individual athletes 30 years or older, which shows us that you can be in your fitness prime even as you exit your 20s.

Below we have gathered the listed height, weight, and age statistics of all 80 athletes (40 men, 40 women) at the 2023 CrossFit Games. Though listed heights and weights may not be an exact representation of where each athlete is at today, we have a general idea of where they stand. Here’s our 30,000-foot first look at the field:



  • Average: 27
  • Oldest: 39 (Jason Smith)
  • Youngest: 21 (Dallin Pepper, James Sprague, Jack Farlow)
  • Athletes 30+: 14 of 40 (35%)


  • Average: 6’0 / 184cm 
  • Tallest: 6’2 / 190cm (Brent Fikowski, Jayson Hopper, James Sprague)
  • Shortest: 5’4 / 163cm (Colten Mertens)


  • Average: 207lb / 94kg
  • Heaviest: 227lb / 103kg (Roman Khrennikov)
  • Lightest: 180lb / 82kg (Colten Mertens)


  1. Bayley Martin, Oceania
  2. Fabian Beneito, Europe
  3. Jack Farlow, North America East
  4. Jake Douglas, Oceania
  5. James Sprague, North America East
  6. Jelle Hoste, Europe
  7. Kaique Cerveny, South America
  8. Kalyan Souza, South America
  9. Luke Parker, North America East
  10. Michal Wesolowski, Europe
  11. Morteza Sedaghat, Asia


  • 29 of the 40 men have previously competed at the CrossFit Games in the individual division.
  • They have a cumulative 95 years of Games experience, with an average of 3.3 appearances/athlete.
  • Of the 29 men, five are returning for their sophomore seasons: Cole Greashaber, Dallin Pepper, Moritz Fiebig, Nick Mathew, and Spencer Panchik.
  • The longest tenure, and longest consecutive qualifying streak in the field belong to Cole Sager, Noah Ohlsen, and Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson from the Rookie Class of 2014, who have competed in the last ten CrossFit Games in a row.



  • Average: 25
  • Oldest: 34 (Emily Rolfe)
  • Youngest: 17 (Olivia Kerstetter)
  • Athletes 30+: 12 of 40 (30%)


  • Average: 5’6 / 169cm 
  • Tallest: 5’8 / 174cm (Matilde Garnes)
  • Shortest: 5’1 / 155cm (Feerozeh Saghafi)


  • Average: 150lb / 68kg
  • Heaviest: 165lb / 75kg (Emily De Rooy, Gabriela Migala)
  • Lightest: 132lb / 60kg (Elisa Fuliano, Shahed Budebs)


  1. Abigail Domit, North America West
  2. Alexia Williams, South America
  3. Caroline Stanley, North America East
  4. Ella Wunger, Europe
  5. Emily De Rooy, Oceania
  6. Kelly Baker, North America West
  7. Manon Angonese, Europe
  8. Olivia Kerstetter, North America West
  9. Rebecka Vitesson, Europe
  10. Shelby Neal, North America East
  11. Sydney Wells, North America East


  • 29 of the 40 women have previously competed at the CrossFit Games in the Individual division
  • They have a cumulative 74 years of Games experience, with an average of 2.5 Games appearances/athlete
  • Of those 29 women, nine are returning for their sophomore seasons: Alex Gazan, Alexis Raptis, Christine Kolenbrander, Elisa Fuliano, Emma Lawson, Matilde Garnes, Paige Powers, Seher Kaya, and Victoria Campos.
  • Laura Horvath and Amanda Barnhart have the highest current streak of appearances in the group, qualifying for their sixth CrossFit Games in a row. Katrin Davidsdottir holds the longest streak total, competing in seven consecutive Games from 2015 to 2021.
  • Annie Thorisdottir is the most experienced veteran in the field, with this being her 12th qualification as an individual, and 13th total.

Final Thoughts

With a number of Games staples out of the running this year, including five of 2022’s top ten women, the stage is set for new podium finishers on both sides. But if we’re looking at a list of top-finishing rookies, the best in their classes are still in the field.

  • Laura Horvath debuted with a second place finish in 2018, and Justin Medeiros came in third in his first appearance at the 2020 (Pandemic) Games.
  • Prior to those two, the highest rookie finishes (since 2010) belonged to Tia-Clair Toomey, Mat Fraser, Josh Bridges, and Rich Froning, who all came in second.

Could this be the year we crown a men’s champion over six feet tall? Will Laura Horvath make her way to the top?

We’ll find out on August 6th.

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