I Tried Kineon’s MOVE+ Pro and Here’s What I Found

June 28, 2023 by
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The annoyance from a nagging injury is enough to keep you away from the gym at times, however making use of some of the newest gadgets and tools to aid recovery can really be worth the while. 

Over the winter I fractured my kneecap and have only recently started getting back to all the movements I was avoiding for many months. I had the opportunity to try out Kineon’s MOVE+ Pro for several weeks and used the device for one month straight. Below are my biggest takeaways from the experience and hopefully persuade you to give it a try too. 

Eases pain: I won’t lie that I was skeptical prior to giving the MOVE+ Pro a try and I wasn’t completely sure that red light therapy was what I needed in my recovery (Want to know more about the science? Read this). However, after a month of using the device I really saw a big relief in my pain. Since I had a broken knee cap I would lay down at night and it would ache. I’d also find going up the stairs or kneeling down to be almost unbearable. 

After a month of using the MOVE+ Pro every evening for 15 minutes I could feel the difference in my pain level. I was no longer straining on the stairs because of the pain in my knee and when I would squat or kneel down I didn’t have to do it so gingerly anymore. I would forget to use the device once in a while, but I’d make up for it by using the tool in the morning and evening the next day. The pain is still there throughout my day-to-day life, however without the MOVE+ I am almost 100 percent certain it’d be much worse. 

Faster recovery: I took off several weeks from any lower body fitness and aside from being woefully out of shape when I got back into CrossFit, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get back to my routine. I train 5 days of the week, typically going three days on, one day off, two days on, one day off, but with this injury I had to learn to be patient and to not always be so regimented in that schedule based on how I was feeling. 

Once I added the MOVE+ Pro that issue really subsided for me. I was able to recover on my off days and be ready to go on my terms and not just on how my knee was feeling that day. It became very clear to me the impact the MOVE+ had on me when one month prior I was having to take multiple days off or skip out on some movements because of my pain, but with consistent use of the tool I was actually recovering well and I could feel that difference. 

Immediate relief: While I did just go on about how I felt after a month of using the MOVE+ Pro I’d say the number one benefit and takeaway I felt was the immediate effects of the device. It wasn’t so much that my aches and pains were gone just like that, but when I would put the device on at night (likely while I was laying in bed watching Netflix) the warm sensation of the red light therapy would almost immediately make my knee feel better. 

I would do 3 cycles (the cycles last 5 minutes each) and by the end of it I really had a sense of relief and that my knee was on the road to recovery, which is something I hadn’t felt before. I also got back into running recently and began to use it right after my run on both of my knees and I almost always felt less stiff, had little pain, and ready to move about my day (or night). 

The bottom line: As athletes we are bound to face a setback or an injury of some sort, so why not be prepared and prime our bodies? I wish I had the MOVE+ Pro before my injury and was using it not just for my knee but other spots on my body I know are more prone to getting sore during a long training session. 

I was opposed to using tools and adding more things to carry in my gym bag, but the addition of the MOVE+ Pro to my routine was really a game changer for me. I think that anyone who faces an injury gets discouraged and catastrophizes when or if they will ever get back to how they were before, me included. So, if you’re an athlete on a recovery journey or just looking to try something new, I would say to give the device a fair chance. 

Pro tips: The MOVE+ Pro is very simple to use. I would say align the device where you want it first and then tighten the straps to ensure it doesn’t move. I preferred to do it when I had my legs up since I was using it for my knee. 

One other tip is to be consistent. I really tried to not miss a day, but it happens, and when it does just double up the next day by doing maybe a session in the morning and then in the evening. It isn’t to say you won’t see results if you don’t do it everyday, but if you want to give it a fair review you need to do it consistently. 

If you are ready to try the MOVE+ Pro for yourself, use code “KINEONMCU” for $50 off!

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