Fundraising Event “Kettlebells For Balls” Lets You Move For Men’s Health

October 30, 2023 by
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For CrossFit aficionados, November may mark ~100 days until the open, crunch time before Wodapalooza and a turkey day WOD. 

More globally, however, November marks Movember (with an “M”). 

A portmanteau of “mustache” and  “November,” Movember is a world-wide initiative designed to raise awareness around men’s health — specifically, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and suicide —vis-a-vis mustaches. 

Most commonly, participants commit to growing mustaches for the duration of the month. When their saucy ‘staches inevitably start conversations, the growers let people know what they’re doing and why. Hopefully, convincing the people around them to donate to the cause. 

However, some people and communities move for mental health and Movember — and that’s exactly what the CrossFit Full Potential and CrossFit Claddagh do. 

Every year for the last 6 years, the two gyms have teamed up to host: “Kettlebells For Balls.” 

  • “The event supports The League of Extraordinary MoBro’s which is a fundraising team for the Movember Foundation,” explains the captain of the fundraising team Ben Cannon, CF-L2 and CrossFit Coach at CrossFit Claddagh in Auburn, MA. 

This year, the event is taking place on November 4th at CrossFit Full Potential In Newburyport, MA. 

Be charitable, not competitive. 

More a community event than local competition, the $25.00 participation fee for Kettlebells for Balls gives you the opportunity to complete 3 workouts, get an originally designed shirt and stick-on mustache and feel good about giving money to an important cause. 

Each year, Jeff, another one of the CrossFitting captains on The League of Extraordinary MoBro’s, programs three totally new workouts. 

  • “Like in hero workouts, each of the rep schemes corresponds with something significant in men’s health” explains Cannon. 

For instance, this year one of the workouts, dubbed Lifeline,” involves biking 988 meters for time. 988 is the number for the suicide and crisis hotline. 

And another, called “For the Love of Balls,” is a 15 minute AMRAP of 15 Dumbbell floor presses, 39 bike cals, and 95 double-unders. These numbers were selected because testicular cancer is the most common cancer for men between the ages of 15-39, and if caught early has 95% survival rate. 

There is also a raffle that allows you to bid for goods and services for local Masschusetts stops and shops. 

Plus, the opportunity to build relationships with athletes at different boxes.  

Two gyms, one important cause. 

This year the event may be hosted at CrossFit Full Potential. But next year it will be hosted at CrossFit Claddagh, which is about an hour’s drive away. 

The leadership on The League of Extraordinary MoBro’s fundraising team go to different boxes. 

  • “So, we do one year in Newburyport at CrossFit Full Potential and one year in Auburn at CrossFit Claddagh,” explains Cannon. 
  • “The annual event has forged a relationship between the two gyms in Massachusetts that weren’t connected before that, as well as other boxes in the area,” he says. 

Want to get involved? You have options. 

Start by checking in with your friends — including your (ahem) strong friends. 

  • “It doesn’t matter what you say, what’s important is that you are starting the conversation,” says Cannon. 

Next, figure out exactly how you might want to raise funds. Do you want to grow a ‘stache? Attend a fundraiser? Put on an event like this at your own box? 

If you live within driving distance of CrossFit Full Potential, Cannon encourages you to attend Kettlebells for Balls this coming Saturday. 

  • “Whether you attend in person, donate electronically, or share the fundraising page, we’ll be grateful,” he says.  

Another option: Consider putting on a similar event at your own gym. 

  • “We’ll happily share the workouts with any CrossFitter or box owner who wants to do their own version of this,” he says. Trust, the name itself will garner more attention than you could even imagine. 

To donate to The League of Extraordinary MoBro’s team, check out their online fundraising team. Or, learn more about Movember and how to get involved.

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