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Madrid Championship

Sep 9-11, 2022 | Madrid, Spain
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1Lazar đukić647
2Aniol Ekai609
3David Shorunke606
4Alex Kotoulas599
5Travis Mayer594
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1Emma Tall711
2Emma Mcquaid684
3Manon Angonese680
4Valentina Rangel649
5Rebecka Vitesson621
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1CrossFit Oslo HSTL. Made740
4Norce X596
5Butcher´s Lab582
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2:16 pm GMT+2 / 2:16 pm GMT+2
Team: Round 1

For Time

2K Team Run

2:52 pm GMT+2 / 2:52 pm GMT+2
Individuals: Round 1

For Time

2K Run

2:29 pm GMT+2 / 2:29 pm GMT+2
Team: Round 2


17 Syncro DB Snatches 4-athletes (2x30kg/2×22.5kg)
17 Syncro T2B (2-athletes)

3:05 pm GMT+2 / 3:05 pm GMT+2
Individuals: Round 2

For Time

Toes to Bar
DB OHS 30kg/22.5kg

4:51 pm GMT+2 / 4:51 pm GMT+2
Individuals: Need for Speed

For Time

25 Heavy Dubs
4-3-2-1 Clean

M: 105-115-125-135 kg
F: 70-75-85-90 kg

8:11 pm GMT+2 / 8:11 pm GMT+2
Team: Iron Crew

For Time

24m Worm Lunge
24 Synchro Burpees o/Worm
24m Worm Lunge
2k Row (500m each)
24m Worm Lunge
24 Syncro Burpees o/Worm
24m Worm Lunge

Time Cap: 22 Minutes

10:54 am GMT+2 / 10:54 am GMT+2
Individuals: Atocha

For Time

30 Deficit HSPU (15cm/9cm)
20 Sandbag Clean 150/100lbs
25m Sandbag Carry
25 Deficit HSPU
15 Sandbag Clean
25m Sandbag Carry
20 Deficit HSPU
10 Sandbag Clean
25m Sandbag Carry

12:46 pm GMT+2 / 12:46 pm GMT+2
Team: Cibeles Complex by HWPO

Find 1RM of Complex
Clean + 3 Front Squats + Jerk

Females from 0:00 to 6:00 to find 1RM of complex

2 min transition

Male Athletes from 8:00 to 14:00 to find 1RM of complex

2:04 pm GMT+2 / 2:04 pm GMT+2
Individuals: The Rings and the Ramp

For Time

15 Ring MU 40 Wallballs 9/6kg
HSW Ramp Down and Back

12 Ring MU 30 Wallballs
HSW Ramp Down and Back

9 Ring MU 20 Wallballs
HSW Ramp Down

2:32 pm GMT+2 / 2:32 pm GMT+2
Team: MAD Relay

For Time

24 Rope Climbs
1600m True Form
24 Worm Clean and Jerk

5:32 pm GMT+2 / 5:32 pm GMT+2
Team: Cibeles Complex

Complex Clean + 3 Front Squats + Jerk

6:30 pm GMT+2 / 6:30 pm GMT+2
Individuals: True Form True Fitness

For Time

7 Rope Climbs
500/400m TrueForm
12m OH Lunge (85/60)kg

11:33 am GMT+2 / 11:33 am GMT+2
Team: Sweet HWPO

For Time

90 Strict HSPU – (2X Sandbag Hold)
30 Sandbag over Yoke @150lbs – 1X HSHold


30 Sandbag over Yoke @100lbs – 1X HS Hold


30 Syncro OHS 105/65 (MF)


200 Heavy Double Unders (50 each)

12:24 pm GMT+2 / 12:24 pm GMT+2
Individuals: Yoke and Roll

For Time

60/40 Cal Row


4 Rounds
20 GHD Sit Up
20m Yoke Carry (230/160) kg

4:25 pm GMT+2 / 4:25 pm GMT+2
Welcome Vera by Picsil

100 meter shuttle sprint
15 D-Ball Clean
100 metersShuttle Sprint
10 D-Ball Clean
D-Ball: 40-40-50-50kg

5:05 pm GMT+2 / 5:05 pm GMT+2
Individual: Dirty Saiga

For Time

50 Chest to Bar
30/24 Cal Fan Bike
20 Double DB Thruster (30/22.5)kg.
20m Tank Push


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