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Age Group and Adaptive Athletes Take the Field for Day Two at the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games started yesterday with age groups and adaptive athletes taking on three workouts. We will have you covered for everything and anything you need to know.

In today’s edition:

  • Get up-to-date on what happened in Madison yesterday and what’s on tap for today
  • Athletes to watch during the Olympic Lifting Total
  • Preparing for 2024–while some athletes throw down in Madison, others have their sights set on next season
  • How CrossFit Rotherham found a home in Texas

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Day 2 Lay of the Land

The first day of the 2023 CrossFit Games opened with clear blue skies and low humidity–perfect conditions for the age group and adaptive athletes to kick off the final year in Madison, WI.

Throughout the day, 180 age group and 30 adaptive athletes battled through three events worth 300 points total. More on that in a minute. All known event details and a detailed schedule are below.

  • At the end of day one, Sam Dancer holds a fairly large (70-point) lead over the only Lithuanian athlete in Games field, Gintas Petrikas, in the men’s 35-39 division.
  • The 2013 Fittest Woman on Earth, Sam Briggs currently sits in second, just 10 points behind Brazilian Andreia Pinheiro in the women’s 40-44 division.
  • Susan Clarke, who has won the Games every year she has competed (2014, 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2021) has a 20-point lead after day one in her bid for a sixth title.

One big number: 670 – The total number of pounds Ioannis Papadopoulos lifted in the Olympic Total. This is likely be a top-five score across all divisions this week (or higher!).

For the statisticians: 

How to stay in the know: 

Today’s top stories: A few stories to help set the tone for the Games.

  • How to watch the Games throughout the entire week.
  • This is the final year the Games will be hosted in Madison. The premier event’s new home is still in question.
  • Check out our definitive Spectator’s Guide for everything happening on the ground in Madison this week.
  • There are a few names missing from the Games roster this year. Check out the full list.
  • While some athletes have tested positive for PEDs, overall positive drug tests are on a decline this year.

One last thing: The Opening Ceremony today will include an F-13 fly-over and the national anthem will be performed by the Madison Youth Choir.

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  Who to Watch in the Gymnastics Skills Test at the CrossFit Games  


Who to Watch in the Gymnastics Skills Test at the CrossFit Games

Although we are unaware of the exact specifics of the “Gymnastics Skills” test that was announced as a part of this year’s CrossFit Games, we do have a few ideas about the potential winners.

By reviewing finishes in recent events we are able to put together a list of athletes that have the best chance at winning this event, based on the gymnastics movements involved.

For example, some athletes excel on inverted movements such as handstand walking, while others excel on the rings or in other upper-body pulling movements.

Below we have put together a short list of three men and three women that we think you should keep an eye on if their favorite movements show up.

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  Preparing for 2024: Athletes Focus on the Journey that Lies Ahead  

Preparing for 2024: Athletes Focus on the Journey that Lies Ahead

Along with 180 age group and 30 adaptive athletes, 40 men, 40 women and 40 teams have descended upon Madison to battle for the crown of the fittest man, fittest woman and affiliate cup winner.

However, there are those athletes who, after barely missing out on a qualifying spot, are looking ahead to 2024. At Semifinals, they barely missed punching their tickets, but they are hungry, motivated and thinking ahead, ready for their shot next year.

One big thing: At the North America West and East Semifinals, team Verdant Crossfit and individuals Anikha Greer and Emily White gave show-stopping performances but in a heartbreaking outcome, the three missed qualifying by the smallest of margins.

Remind me: At the North America West Semifinal, team Verdant CrossFit remained in the top 10 all weekend, and in a devastating turn of events, lost out on the 10th and final qualifying spot by only one point. This margin haunted the team and captain Isaac Campbell for months afterwards.

  • “Missing the Games was one of the hardest things for us as a team, especially with it coming down to only 1 point. For me personally it took a long time to let it settle. You feel like you kinda made it but you didn’t. The internal dialogue begins right then…What could we have done as a team?” questioned Campbell.
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  Preparing for 2024: Athletes Focus on the Journey that Lies Ahead  

Kulani Subiono, celebrates a clean and jerk in the 16-17 division. 

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  Leading up to the Games, Crossfit Rotherham Finds a Home in Texas  

Leading up to the Games, Crossfit Rotherham Finds a Home in Texas

When CrossFitters Ran Wells and Jack James met on a ski holiday in British Columbia, Canada, three years ago, neither would have known that they would reconnect to help a team from CrossFit Rotherham in England headed to the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games.

The details: Wells, from Texas, is a skier, longtime CrossFitter, and husband to Katie Wells of well-known meal prep company RosieJo Meals. James, also a CrossFitter from the UK, works out at CrossFit Rotherham in England.

This is where the Wells come in: James, remembering Ran Wells from the ski trip, messaged Katie Wells on Instagram to discuss the possibility of the CrossFit Rotherham team coming to Texas to train pre-Games.

  • “We were on [the call] for 14 minutes,” Moritz Neumann, a member of the CrossFit Rotherham team, said, “And in that time, they offered us a place to stay, CrossFit gym facilities, a sauna, a swimming pool, and more.”
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By the Numbers

Here are some key numbers from the first day of the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games:

  • 5 – Pairs of shoes each athlete received from NOBULL at check in.
  • 5 – This is the fifth Games appearance for Jason Grubb, who took first place the last three years in his age division.
  • 6 – The number of Games titles the current leader in the women’s 60-64 division, Susan Clark, is gunning for this weekend.
  • 6 – Adaptive divisions took on three tests today.
  • 6-7(ish) – The amount of time (in minutes) that it took most individual athletes to complete their practice lap on the bike course today.
  • 18 – Age Group divisions took on three tests today.
  • 25 – The number of beers Carl, the goodr flamingo, has had since arriving in Madison… this morning.

Brought to you by:

  Leading up to the Games, Crossfit Rotherham Finds a Home in Texas  

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Workouts, Schedule and How to Watch

Wednesday’s schedule of events: Below is the schedule for the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games, Day 2. The events will not be livestreamed, but stay up-to-date on and the Morning Chalk Up’s Instagram.

  • Age Group/Adaptive Test 4: Pulling Power — 7:00 AM PT | 9:00 AM CT | 3:00 PM GMT+1
  • Age Group/Adaptive Test 5: Gymnastics Chipper — 7:00 AM PT | 9:00 AM CT | 3:00 PM GMT+1
  • Opening Ceremony: — 11:40 AM PT | 1:40 PM CT | 7:40 PM GMT+1
  • Age Group/Adaptive Test 6: Cross-Country 5K — 1:30 PM PT | 3:30 PM CT | 9:30 PM GMT+1

Want to see the schedule in your local time zone? Our schedule will automatically update to where you are on

Wednesday’s Workouts: Workout descriptions for Age Groups and Adaptive only.

Age Group and Adaptive Test 4 – Pulling Power

  • 3 rounds for time:
    3 rope climbs
    10 deadlifts
    42-foot sled pull
    126-foot sled push

Age Group and Adaptive Test 5 – Gymnastics Chipper

  • For time:
    48-foot handstand walk
    30 box jumps
    30 GHD sit-ups
    30 single-leg squats
    30 toes-to-bars
    30 single-leg squats
    30 GHD sit-ups
    30 box jumps
    48-ft handstand walk

    Time cap: 15 minutes

Age Group and Adaptive Test 6 – Cross-Country 5K

  • For Time:
    Run 5K

    Time Cap: 30 Minutes (14-54), None (55+)

  Leading up to the Games, Crossfit Rotherham Finds a Home in Texas  

What to Do Around Madison

Hanging out in Madison for the CrossFit Games? Here are Morning Chalk Up’s guides to getting the most out of your week.

  Leading up to the Games, Crossfit Rotherham Finds a Home in Texas  

Making the trip to the CrossFit Games to support your crew? We want to see you! We’ll be sharing fan photos in the newsletter and on social media.

Wear your Reebok daily to the Games and be on the lookout for our team… you might be the lucky winner 🙌

Today’s winner: Brian Arnold!


The first event of day two kicks off at 9:00 AM CT for the age groups and adaptive athletes. Each day, we will have the top athlete scores across all divisions detailed below. This leaderboard will update throughout the competition.

Age Groups


Lincoln LaFaver – 250 | María Granizo – 290
Leonardo Cruz – 210 | Miley Wade – 280
Kūlani Subiono – 200 | Mira Varga – 230


Ty Jenkins – 300 | Lucy McGonigle – 260
Brandyn Gaskill – 190 | Trista Smith – 240
Kyle Muckleroy – 180 | Reese Littlewood – 180


Sam Dancer – 280 | Chelsea Nicholas – 230
Gintas Petrikas – 210 | Colette Casey – 230
Ioannis Papadopoulos – 190 | Stacie Tovar – 220


Rudolph Berger – 270 | Andreia Pinheiro – 210
Bruno Militao – 210 | Samantha Briggs – 200
Chicho Quesada – 200 | Jenn Ryan – 200


Jason Grubb – 250 | Kelly Friel – 290
Christopher Anderson – 210 | Amy Chapoton – 230
Vlad Liashkevich – 200 | Carolina Gutierrez – 220


Sean Patrick – 270 | Cheryl Brost – 290
Artur Komorowski – 250 | Nicole Abbott – 220
Jason Leeves – 230 | Nathalie Connors – 210


Kevin Koester – 260 | Leka Fineman – 210
Ryan Joe Hamby – 210 | Jennifer Kawaguchi – 190
Robert Davis – 190 | Shanna Bunce – 190


Shannon Aiken – 240 | Susan Clarke – 290
Stuart Swanson – 210 | Betsy Vanderburgh – 270
Tom Fameree – 200 | Patricia McGill – 210


David Hippensteel – 240 | Julie Holt – 280
Daniel Miller – 230 | Dava Jensen – 260
Freddie Cherry – 230 | Pauline Sciascia – 220

Upper Extremity

Casey Acree – 300 | Christina Mazzullo – 300
Alexis Fiorucci – 145 | Anne-Laure Coutenceau – 205
Xabier Osa Mendes – 145 | Elaine de Rocco – 185

Lower Extremity

Rogan Dean – 275 | Valerie Cohen – 275
Charles Pienaar – 250 | Bayleigh Hooper – 230
Seraphin Perier – 125 | Molly Moore – 185


Chris Rhyme – 250 | Noelle Henderson – 255
Mijail Pedrini – 235 | Jordan Ingalsbe – 230
James Brown – 210 | Amea Reyna – 230

Full leaderboard

10/6 - 10/8: Marbella Championship (Marbella, Spain)
10/7: Battle of Branded One at Redstone CrossFit (Littleton, CO)
10/13 - 10/15: Midwest Championship (Rochester, MN)
10/13 - 10/15: Midwest Championship (Rochester, MN)
10/14 - 10/15: 059 Classic (Modena, Italy)
10/14: Strength and Speed (Feasterville, PA)
10/14 - 10/15: The Vanguard (Lakeland, FL)
10/20 - 10/21: AAYMCA CrossFit Throwdown (Anderson, SC)
10/20 - 10/21: AAYMCA CrossFit Throwdown (Anderson, SC)
10/21: Festivus Games – Pairs (Savannah, GA)
10/27 - 10/29: Oslo Throwdown (Oslo, Norway)
10/29 - 11/19: CHLKDUP BOX LEAGUE – NASH (Nashville, TN)
10/29 - 11/19: CHLKDUP BOX LEAGUE – BHAM (Birmingham, AL)
11/4 - 11/5: Costa Barcelona Fitness Challenge (Vilanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona, Spain)
11/4 - 11/5: Hold Fast Competition Individual (Gerenzano, Italy)
11/11: War of the Masters (Elkton, MD)

See all upcoming events

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