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CrossFit Games Records Up For Grabs

Morning Chalk Up

October 22   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Stage two of the 2020 CrossFit Games begins tomorrow morning. There are many records up for grabs this year, including Mat Fraser’s bid to win a fifth straight and Tia-Clair Toomey’s bid for a fourth. Learn about those and more below.

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CrossFit Games Stage Two Updates

The final stage of the 2020 CrossFit Games kicks off tomorrow at 8:00 AM PT. Games news has continued dropping at a
steady pace, here’s everything you need to know right now:

Event News:

  • The schedule of events is still taking shape. We know a lot (but not everything) about Events 1-7, information
    about later events is being revealed as we speak. The Morning Chalk Up has an up-to-date
    of known events and time blocks for the weekend.

    • Event 7 is the Snatch Speed Ladder. Listen to Adrian Bozman’s
      thoughts about testing this event and then read Justin LoFranco’s analysis of the testing team’s times.
    • Event 11: Sprint, Sled, Sprint. This event consists of a
      100-yard sprint, a 100-yard sled push, and a 100-yard sprint. It’s worth noting that the sled and the
      surface (artificial turf) athletes will push it on are similar to the 2019 Games event “Sprint
      Couplet” that included a 172-foot sled push, 18/15 bar muscle-ups and another 172-foot sled push. Following
      last year’s event, Mat Fraser and others voiced a concern that there were disparities in the competition
      lanes. It looks like Castro wants to retest this implement. For more, see Castro’s video of
      his first interview
      with Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez on the Talking Elite Fitness podcast.
    • Final Event, Atalanta: Late Tuesday night, Dave Castro revealed the name of the
      final event saying it “will be the most difficult final of any Games, if not the most difficult event, to
      date.” In Greek mythology, Atalanta was a virgin hunter and follower of Artemis, goddess of the hunt.

Schedule and How to Watch:

  • Here’s the schedule of events and time zones.
  • All the CrossFit Games stage two events are streaming live for free and there are multiple Internet platforms
    hosting the stream. Plus, CBS Sports will air a live, two-hour block of Games coverage on Saturday from 12:00-2:00
    PT. CBS Sports will also televise two 30-minutes shows leading up to the Games as well as a two-hour documentary
    later this fall.

Athlete News:

  • Haley Adams has checked in and made it to her athlete trailer for the first time.
  • Tia-Clair Toomey announces that she’s in the bubble and working on recovery
    until the Games start.
  • Katrin Davidsdottir has been training at the Games venue.
  • Kari Pearce and Haley Adams hit some
    training sessions
    together earlier this week with their bubble “plus ones,” coach Justin Cotler and Mayhem Freedom team
    member, Tasia Percevecz.
  • Mat Fraser says he’s spending all his time in the bubble rolling through GOWOD protocols in
    his hotel room.
  • Samuel Kwant is ready to take a leap of faith.
  • Demo team member Chandler Smith posted a video of a 330 pound power
    clean PR
    at the Ranch and noted that he was “Seriously
    super grateful for the chance to learn firsthand how [Dave Castro] and
    company build the test for the fittest athletes in the world and am excited for whatever else he’s got lined
    up for [Saxon Panchik],
    and [Danielle Brandon],
    and I this week.”

Everything Else:

  • LIFEAID has brought together the official partners for this year’s CrossFit Games and
    are giving you a chance to win the “Official Partner Prize Package” that includes gift cards, cash and
    gear from LIFEAID, Pure Spectrum, Reebok, ROMWOD, ROGUE, and Bear Komplex. Enter now, the
    winner will be announced on October 25.
  • The Buttery Bros announced that in addition to producing the 2020 CrossFit Games
    documentary, they would be posting behind-the-scenes clips all weekend.
  • Dave Castro warns everyone about the threat of mountain lions at the Ranch and notes that he has personally been clearing brush for
    Event 5: The Trail Run.
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  The Five Biggest Records Up For Grabs This Weekend  

The Five Biggest Records Up For Grabs This Weekend

When the final five men and women take the competition floor Friday morning, they will already be making history as part of a once-in-a-lifetime cohort that has managed to make it through the fire and flames of the 2020 season.

You can bet your bottom dollar though that just making it to Aromas won’t be enough, and now that we’re on the eve of stage two of the CrossFit Games, there’s a handful of historic records worth noting that are at stake along with the title of “Fittest On Earth.”

Below are the five biggest records up for grabs this weekend as the final five close out the 2020 CrossFit Games season.

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"Plus Ones:" Who the Final Five Brought to the Ranch

When the ten finalists hit the competition floor tomorrow morning for the start of the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games, they will face an entirely different competition environment than what they are used to. The pomp and circumstance, the large field of athletes, multiple divisions, the crowds, the controlled, familiar venues, will all be noticeably absent. What each athlete will have is one familiar face that they picked to join them as they conclude their 2020 season with hopes of being crowned the “Fittest on Earth.”

The big picture: As Tommy Marquez stated in his Games safety piece, each athlete is allowed one primary support person to join them in the bubble and throughout the Games week. That person must follow all of the same protocols as their athlete. Here is the list of each athlete’s “plus one” for this weekend’s Games.

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  Final-Five Athlete Kari Pearce on Balancing Games Prep and Training Athletes Around the World  

Final-Five Athlete Kari Pearce on Balancing Games Prep and Training Athletes Around the World

When it comes to preparing for the CrossFit Games, most athletes have a regimented training schedule, multiple daily sessions and a plan that revolves around dedicating most of their time to the main event. But for six-time Games competitor Kari Pearce, her prep must also be balanced with being a business owner, and training men and women from all walks of life, all over the world.

Take it back to Phase One: at the start of the 2020 CrossFit Games, Pearce found herself battling for a top spot through the online portion of Phase One. Six events over the course of three days of competition stood between her and an invitation to the Ranch. Although she had been doing as much back-of-the-napkin math as possible, the blind leaderboard kept her guessing right up until the live announcement of the final five.

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  Blue Elvin Apparel Launches, Aims to Change How Women Train  

Blue Elvin Apparel Launches, Aims to Change How Women Train

Lamorna and Tamara Short, founders of the London-based functional training brand Blue Elvin, want to transform how women train.

One big thing: The sisters call their clothing “products for power.” Each piece in their first set — leggings, a sports bra, and shin sleeves — incorporate protective impact panels.

The concept was born from their personal CrossFit experience, which, as they explain on the Blue Elvin website, left “constant marks, scrapes, and bruises all over [their] bodies.”

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  Blue Elvin Apparel Launches, Aims to Change How Women Train  

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The Buttery Bros Announce Their Next CrossFit Documentary and More

Both the CrossFit Games and the Buttery Bros announced this week that later this fall, the next in the series of "Fittest" documentaries would be released, this one chronicling the 2020 COVID season. And, throughout the weekend of the CrossFit Games finals, they will be posting behind-the-scenes clips on YouTube.




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Noah Ohlsen's Games Prep Camp with Training Think Tank

The 2020 CrossFit Games kick off tomorrow and Noah Ohlsen looks primed for a great showing. In this video, take a look at the Games simulation the Training Think Tank created for Ohlsen's pre-Games training camp, complete with Games-style events and a "final five" competition field.



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Community Round-Up

While much of the community is focusing on the CrossFit Games this week, there are still lots of fundraisers and other good works taking place. Here are a few we are watching now:

  • Food for Fitness: Ace Fitness in Williamsburg, VA is a relatively new gym but has already made a big impact in the local community. On October 24, it will host a fun, friendly competition called “Food for Fitness” to raise money and collect canned goods for the local food pantry. The entry fee for teams is $100, but you can receive a $10 discount with the donation of 10 canned goods.
  • BoxtoberFest: Last weekend, CrossFit FXT in Enterprise, AL hosted Boxtoberfest, a competition/fundraiser for breast cancer awareness. The event, in its third year, attracted a big crowd nearing 100 athletes and spectators.
  • Pullups with a Purpose: The Wyakin Foundation in Boise, ID will be hosting its inaugural “Pullups with a Purpose” fundraising campaign in honor of veterans on November 7. The independent Idaho-based nonprofit, which connects wounded and injured veterans to their civilian futures through education, development, and guidance, offers two ways to support this challenge. One way is to sign up to do pullups at Boise CrossFit and get per-pullup pledges from friends and family. The other way to participate is by giving towards a participant’s pullup challenge. Learn more and sign-up.
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6/4 - 6/5: Whiplash: The Welsh Open 2022 (Same Sex Pairs) (Merthyr Tydfil, United Kingdom)
6/4: Love’Em or Leave’Em 10 (Saugus, MA)
6/4 - 6/5: Tandemonium (Palmer, AK)
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6/18: Girls Gone Rx Kentucky (Winchester, KY)
6/18: The Heat 5.0- Co-ed Partner Competition (Marysville, OH)
6/18 - 6/19: The Garrison City Gauntlet (Dover, NH)
6/18: Girls Gone Rx West Fargo (West Fargo, ND)
6/18 - 6/19: The CS&F Summer Classic (Cumming, GA)
6/18: Girls Gone Rx Maryland (Dunkirk, MD)
6/18: Girls Gone Rx NorCal (Petaluma, NC)
6/18: Girls Gone Rx Kentucky (Winchester, KY)
6/18: Girls Gone Rx Tennessee (Mc Minnville, TN)
6/18 - 6/19: Emerald Coast Throwdown (Pensacola, FL)
6/18: Girls Gone Rx West Fargo (West Fargo, ND)
6/24 - 6/27: I Got Your Six (Charleston, SC)
6/25 - 6/26: BILT Summer Classic (Welland, CA)
6/25: Independence Games VIII at The Pit Fitness Ranch (Three Rivers, MI)
6/25: Northwest Arkansas Basement Brawl (Fayetteville, AR)
6/25: Summer Bash 2022 (Zanesville, OH)
6/25: Ocean State Summer Threesome (Smithfield, RI)
6/25: Mayhem & Massacre @ CrossFit Muster Station (Sanford, FL)
7/9: Rex Rumble at CrossFit zoo (Ocala, FL)
7/9 - 7/10: Rex Rumble 11 Double Down (Ocala, FL)
7/16: Girls Gone Rx Fayetteville (Spring Lake, NC)
7/16: Girls Gone Rx San Antonio (San Antonio, TX)
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