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Snatch Ladder Analysis: Testing Team Times

October 20, 2020 by
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Four total testers went through the Snatch Speed Triple workout (two men and two women) as shown in a CrossFit workout analysis video. In that video, Head Judge Adrian Bozman offers some insight into how the workout was programmed and the weights were chosen.

  • Bozeman: “The first round everyone should be able to make the weights but the best will still be able to separate themselves, and then at the final round we’ve got a heavy enough flight of weights that it’s going to be challenging to the best but still obtainable.”

How the testing athletes performed: Brandon Lucket, Saxon Panchik, Andrea Nisler and Kristi Eramo O’Connell performed the event head to head (times below). What we don’t know is how many times they performed this workout and at what varying weights which could have a huge impact on their performance.

  • Panchik: 0:24 | 1:00 | 2:32
  • Luckett: 0:43 | 1:42 | DNF (1st bar)
  • Nisler: 0:32 | 2:00 | Not Shown
  • O’Connell: 1:00 | DNF | Not Shown

One big thing: Nearly all (but not all) these athletes can hit the top-end weight, but the Snatch Speed Triple comes after at least six other events, which will absolutely take a toll as the load increases.

  • The event will likely take place during the Saturday 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM PT time slot which will be broadcast live on CBS Sports TV.
  • Fast, heavy lifting is typically a fan favorite and as far as bringing in uninitiated audiences on TV, this one is pretty easy to explain.

My own personal picks to win this:

  • Men: Jeffrey Adler
  • Women: Tia-Clair Toomey

Snatch Speed Triple

Quarterfinal Round:
    5 athletes, 1-minute cap
    W 145-150-155 lb.
    M 225-235-245 lb.

Semifinal Round:
    4 athletes, 2-minute cap
    W 160-165-170 lb.
    M 245-255-265 lb.

Final Round:
    3 athletes, 3-minute cap
    W 175-180-185 lb.
    M 265-275-285 lb.

All 5 athletes will begin the first round, performing 1 snatch at each of the three progressively heavier barbells. After each round, the slowest athlete will be eliminated, while the remaining athletes will rest 2 minutes before beginning the next round.

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