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Elijah Muhammad and Others Promote Diversity In CrossFit

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • African American leaders work to promote diversity in CrossFit.
  • Florida gym provides concierge medical care alongside fitness classes.
  • Affiliate owners react to the new CrossFit Online On-Ramp Course announcement.
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  Three African American Ambassadors Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are, Actively Promote Diversity in CrossFit  

Three African American Ambassadors Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are, Actively Promote Diversity in CrossFit

When Eric Roza took the helm at CrossFit LLC last summer, one of the first priorities he voiced was to make CrossFit more inclusive. This included creating a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council (DEI).

Though this is a good start, African American CrossFit athletes and business owners Lesley Henderson-Sanders, Elijah Muhammad and Syn Martinez agree that more needs to be done, which is why each of them has been taking matters into their own hands by actively working to educate underserved communities about health and fitness.

The details:

Elijah Muhammad: The two-time CrossFit Games athlete is making a difference through his non-profit organization Project Onyx, whose mission is to eliminate the barriers that underrepresented and underserved people of color face by providing affordable and accessible heath and fitness services, as well as mentorship to today’s youth.

  • Fitness and mentorship programs fully-funded by Project Onyx are geared towards teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18. Donations can be made here.
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Getting Your Gym Open Ready Just Got Easier

Getting Your Gym Open Ready Just Got Easier

For most affiliates, the CrossFit Open is a perfect opportunity to build your community, but we know the planning can be stressful. What if you could get all of the supplies you need to be Open ready in one package? Good news, you can! We’re giving gyms the option to add an Open Kit to your next order!

Each Open Kit will include: a clipboard, 2 pens, a stopwatch, 2 sweat towels, a water bottle, 3 athlete shirts, 2 hand sanitizers, and 3 $20 apparel gift cards. All you have to do is login to add an Open Kit to your next order.


  • PRVN Fitness announced that two-time Games veteran, Streat Hoerner is the newest member of their team.
    • Hoerner: “I chose PRVN because I have learned that if you want to be successful, you need to surround yourself with success. Tia (Toomey) and Shane (Orr) are the definition of that. That combined with the crew they have assembled, I knew this was the right program for me. PRVN has allowed me to be surrounded by and learn from the best.”
  • Dani Speegle x Uprising Meals: Dani Speegle has partnered with meal prep service Uprising Meals and to celebrate, you can enter to win a week of free food — a winner will be picked tonight and announced tomorrow.
  • Launched Yesterday: The CrossFit Games affiliate ticket pre-sale began on February 17 and will remain open until 11:59 PM on February 21. Affiliates that have one or more athletes signed up for the 2021 Open can purchase up to eight Festival + Coliseum Packages and an unlimited number of Festival Only Packages. The remaining tickets will be available to the general public starting on February 22.
  • The Filthy 150 announced yesterday that the event would return to Punchestown Racecourse in County Kildare, Ireland in November 2021.
    • Filthy 150 Organizers: “With the restructuring of the CrossFit Games season, we are in ongoing discussions with CrossFit about what exact format that event will take. We will bring you more news on that soon.”
  • Reebok Rumors Confirmed: Adidas officially announced that it would move forward with a “process aimed at divesting Reebok” as part of the company’s new five-year strategic plan. There have been rumors that Adidas would sell the former title sponsor of the CrossFit Games for several months.
  • OUT Athletics launches “OUT in the Open”:  During the 2021 CrossFit Open, join CrossFit athletes Sam Briggs, Meg Reardon, Meredith Root, Alec Smith and more on the OUT Athletics “OUT in the Open LGBTQ+ Leaderboard.” This year’s leaderboard is powered by PUMA and will promote friendly competition between LGBTQ+ athletes and allies. Registration is live now, last year’s “Out in the Open” raised nearly $25,000 to support The OUT Foundations programs.
  • Episode two of The Buttery Bros mini-series, “PROVEN” dropped on Tuesday. The series follows top Games athletes as they navigated the new Sanctionals season in 2019. Episode two tracks Pat Vellner and Tia-Clair Toomey as they punched their tickets to the 2019 CrossFit Games by winning the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival in Miami, FL. Watch now on Patreon.
  Florida Gym Offers Medical Practice and Fitness Classes Under the Same Roof  

Florida Gym Offers Medical Practice and Fitness Classes Under the Same Roof

“Nobody was getting better.”

Dr. Jeffrey Farrah, a nurse practitioner, doctor of chiropractic, and CrossFit L1 coach, says this referring to his time in clinicals during a nurse preceptorship.

  • “None of my patients were happy, I wasn’t happy,” Farrah continues, noting that he was allotted about 10 minutes, per patient, to give care.
  • “It wasn’t working…[We were] not connecting and ultimately, all the things I’m doing for [patients] on the chronic condition side weren’t working.” he says.

So, when he opened his own practiceMidtown Movement & Medicine in Tallahassee, FL, Farrah decided to do things differently.

The practice: Midtown Movement & Medicine, which Farrah runs with his wife, combines a medical practice – primary care services, bioidentical hormone replacement, IV nutrient therapy, and talk therapy – with fitness classes: CrossFit, striking and fitness, and personal training.

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  Affiliate Owners Split, But Express Optimism About CrossFit’s New On-Ramp Program  


Affiliate Owners Split, But Express Optimism About CrossFit’s New On-Ramp Program

At the quarterly Town Hall last Friday, Nicole Carroll, General Manager of Training announced CrossFit LLC’s plans to roll out an online OnRamp course in 2021 aimed at bringing more members through affiliates’ doors.

  • After giving them five days to digest the concept, we reached out to affiliate owners to hear their opinions on whether they think the CrossFit OnRamp Course will be successful at generating an influx of new clients to their gyms.

The result: We quickly heard from close to 60 affiliate owners. Opinions ranged from “this is a bad idea” to being 100 percent on board and “in love” with the idea.

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  Affiliate Owners Split, But Express Optimism About CrossFit’s New On-Ramp Program  

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