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Morning Chalk Up

June 2   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Everything you need to know about the Far East Throwdown
  • Want to improve your sleep? Morning Chalk Up is here to help
  • Who is CrossFit Shoofly Storm Squadron?
  • Granite Games preview and picks to qualify for the CrossFit Games
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“Be not simply good - be good for something.” - Henry David Thoreau


The 2022 Far East Throwdown starts later today in Busan, South Korea. With only two Games tickets available for the men, women, and teams, look for the action to be hot and heavy from the start.

For a full schedule and leaderboard, we’ve included quick links to access all the information below.

How to catch up: 

Resources to stay up to date:


The competition will kick off at 7 PM PT today (although it will be Friday in South Korea). Here are the top 5 seeded athletes and teams coming out of quarterfinals.

  1. Roman Khrennikov | Seungyeon Choi | KT CrossFit Kolesnikov Team
  2. Aleksandar Ilin | Shahad Budebs | CrossFit Yas Black
  3. Anthony Haynes | Seher Kaya | CrossFit Alioth
  4. Morteza Sedaghat | Dawon Jung | CrossFit Arcade
  5. Seokbeom Kim | Uracha Teerawanitsan | L7 CrossFit Ba Ke Si Formosa

Full leaderboard

Workouts, Schedule and How to Watch

Friday’s schedule of events: Below is the broadcast schedule. You can watch all events live on our content hub.

  • Team Event 1 — 11:00 AM GMT+9 (Fri)  | 7:00 PM PT (Thurs) | 3:00 AM BST (Fri)
  • Individual Event 1 — 12:10 PM GMT+9 (Fri) | 8:10 PM PT (Thurs) | 4:10 AM BST (Fri)
  • Team Event 2 — 2:05 PM GMT+9 (Fri) | 10:05 PM PT (Thurs) | 6:05 AM BST (Fri)
  • Individual Event 2 — 3:50 PM GMT+9 (Fri) | 11:50 PM PT (Thurs) | 7:50 AM BST (Fri)

Want to see the schedule in your local time zone? Our schedule will automatically update to where you are on, and on our iOS or Android app.

Day 1 Events

Team Event 1

  • For time:
    30 Hang Power Snatches 75lb
    30 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
    20 Power Snatches 155lb
    20 Bar Muscle-Ups
    10 Synchro Squat Snatches 185 / 125lb
    10 Synchro Ring Muscle-Ups
    Time Cap: 12 minutes

Individual Event 1

  • 3 Rounds For time:
    18/15 Cal Row
    9 Muscle-Ups
    12 Hang Snatches (135/95)
    Time Cap: 12 Minutes

Team Event 2

  • For time:
    100 Double-Unders
    50 ft. Handstand Walk
    1/1/1/1/1 Clean and Jerk
    Men: 205-225-245-265-285 lb.
    Women: 125-145-165-175-185 lb.
    (F1/F2:  0:00-9:00)
    (M1/M2: 09:00-18:00)
    Time Cap: 18 minutes

Individual Event 2

  • 3 attempts for max load of:
    3 cleans + 2 front squats + 1 jerk (shoulder-to-overhead)
    Time Cap: 15 Minutes
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Quest For a Championship: The second episode of the Yerbae docuseries following CrossFit Reykjavik drops today. Go behind the scenes as the team book their Games ticket at the Lowlands Throwdown and cause a little “Mayhem” along the way.

In case you missed it: Lauren Kalil, the host of The Bottom Line, spoke to Chance Ingraham and Meredith Root about whether or not they think Iceland’s Sara Sigmundsdottir is past her prime? 🤔

Fit and Fraser?: The one and only Mat Fraser will be at the FITLAND Fitness Festival this August 12-15 in Bogota, Colombia for a meet and greet. 🇨🇴

Froning and friends: CrossFit Mayhem in Cookeville, TN will be hosting the 2022 Legends Championship Presented by Mayhem Athlete, December 8-11

  Improve Your Sleep Performance with Tips from Top Sleepers in the Morning Chalk Up Community  


Improve Your Sleep Performance with Tips from Top Sleepers in the Morning Chalk Up Community

In true competitive fashion, the Morning Chalk Up team on WHOOP won the Sleep May-Nia challenge, after duking it out for zzz’s all month long against CrossFit Mayhem, The Buttery Bros and Talking Elite Fitness.

Remind me: At the beginning of May, we partnered up with WHOOP to encourage members on any of the respective teams to show up and power down. Statistically speaking, May and June are the two worst months on average for sleep, so it served as a great opportunity to motivate the community with prizes to win. The 25 members with the best sleep performance over the course of the month scored a free WHOOP kit, the top five of those cashed in on three free months of WHOOP membership, and five random members from the team won a six-month membership.

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  Meet Breakout North Carolina Team CrossFit Shoofly Storm Squadron  

Meet Breakout North Carolina Team CrossFit Shoofly Storm Squadron

“Let’s finish what we started.”

This was breakout team CrossFit Shoofly Storm Squadron’s mentality as they looked on to day three of the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge. Standing behind only CrossFit Mayhem Independence, the affiliate’s third qualified team, the North Carolinian team had a standout performance last weekend. The team put up a consistent and strong performance all weekend from the very beginning, starting with an impressive total of 930lbs in Event 1, which locked up second place.

With a chance to put his own choice of weight on the bar after clearing the first ten bars of Event 1’s snatch ladder, team member Jaylond Franklin loaded 290lbs, which tied him with CrossFit Mayhem Independence’s Luke Parker for the highest weight all day. The 290 looked smooth, how much heavier could he have gone? “305 would’ve went up,” said Franklin.

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  2022 CrossFit Semifinals Preview: Granite Games  

2022 CrossFit Semifinals Preview: Granite Games

Week 3 of the North American Semifinals brings us to Eagan, MN for the 11th iteration of the Granite Games. Just like last year, the Minnesota Vikings Training Center, will play host to this storied event where athletes will compete in an outdoor venue throughout the weekend for their opportunity to qualify for the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games.

Last year’s individual and team champions were seeded into different Semifinals, so Granite Games will crown new winners in all three divisions; let’s take a look at the field overview:

  • Games Experience: In the men’s field there are seven individual CrossFit Games veterans, five of whom have multiple years of Games experience: Brent Fikowski (6), Travis Mayer (6), Tim Paulson (5), Sam Kwant (4), Chandler Smith (3)
  • Colten Mertens qualified from the Granite Games last year for his rookie Games appearance.
  • Zachary Buntin made the Games in 2019 but did not advance past the First Cut
  • Only five women have previous individual CrossFit Games experience:
  • Amanda Barnhart (with 4) is the most experienced Games athlete in the field.
  • Dani Speegle has three Games qualifications, but has only completed a total of 13 workouts over those three years, seven of which were online in 2020. She has never finished a full live CrossFit Games.
  • Emily Rolfe has two trips to the Games and has finishes of 15th (2021) and 18th (2019).
  • Mallory O’Brien came in second at the Granite Games last year and 7th at the Games earning rookie of the year.
  • Lastly, Fee Saghafi qualified in 2019 and placed 24th.

The team division has some heavy-hitting team lineups near the top of the Quarterfinals qualification spots, and then a significant drop off in terms of name recognition that will leave the door wide open for a team or two to sneak into the final qualifying spots.

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  2022 CrossFit Semifinals Preview: Granite Games  

VIDEO: Who Will Qualify for CrossFit Games from Granite Games?

Watch Now...


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An Early Comparison of Mayhem and Reykjavik

Every team competing in the Semifinals takes on two standardized workouts. In week one, CrossFit Mayhem Freedom and CrossFit Reykjavik posted the best scores in their semifinals. Watch this side-by-side comparison and see which team comes out on top.


Share Your CrossFit Story

  • Celebrating a PR, hosting a fundraiser, this, that, or otherwise. Send us a tip.
  • Happy birthday to Morning Chalk Up’s own, John Newby (Wednesday).
  • James Townsend completed the CrossFit Semifinals Barbell Complex at 355 pounds/161kg.
  • Travis Mead from Iron Valley CrossFit in Clackamas, OR is attempting another massive fitness feat— 1000 Hero WODs for time, with a one-year time cap.
  • A heavy jerk at 342 pounds/155kg …and a curtsy from Olympic weightlifter Mattie Rogers.
  • James Sprague is focused and ready to work— Sprague’s 6th place finish at the Syndicate Crown qualified him for the Last Chance Qualifier June 29-July 1, where two men and two women will advance to the CrossFit Games.
5/26 - 5/27: 24 Heroes in 24 Hours (Wayne, PA)
6/1: Iowa Fitness League (Grimes, IA)
6/3: Summer Sizzle IV (Georgetown, TX)
6/3: Fittin’ in the Mitten (Hudsonville, MI)
6/3: Do It For the Donuts – Part 2 (Lancaster, PA)
6/3: Thieves & Beggars (Verona, NJ)
6/4: Plates & Cakes for Carly (Nevada, IA)
6/9 - 6/11: Atlantic Coast Classic (Daytona Beach, FL)
6/10: Northern Nevada Masters 2023 (Carson City, NV)
6/10: Best Babes Clearwater (Clearwater, FL)
6/10: Back Lot Bout 2023 (St. Charles, MO)
6/10: Battle Of The Roses V6 (Roseland, NJ)
6/10: Battle By the Bay Fitness Championship (Atlantic Highlands, NJ)
6/10: Midcoast Off the Rails (Old Saybrook, CT)
6/10: Girls Gone Rx Fayetteville (Spring Lake, NC)
6/10: Best Babes Albany (Glenmont, NY)
6/10: Best Babes Michigan (Brighton, MI)
6/10: Girls Gone Rx Canada: Quebec (Quebec, CA)
6/10: Summer Fling Beatdown 2023 (Pleasanton, CA)
6/10: TFX Throwdown (Downers Grove, IL)
6/10: Bucktown Battlegrounds (Chicago, IL)
6/10: Invictus Seattle Partner Palooza (Seattle, WA)
6/10: Girls Gone Rx NorCal (Petaluma, CA)
6/10: Best Babes South Dakota (Rapid City, SD)
6/10: Gilrs Gone Rx Chicago (Chicago, IL)
6/10 - 6/11: Battle By The Bay (Atlantic Highlands, NJ)
6/10: RIFL Summer Slam (Manteo, NC)
6/10: Girls Gone RX Nashville (Nashville, TN)
6/10 - 6/11: Fight Gone Alpha (Sala Bolognese, Italy)
6/10: Shorebreak Individual Challenge (Huntington Beach, CA)
6/16 - 6/17: ARX Summer Slam (Maumelle, AR)
6/17: The Heat (Lynchburg, VA)
6/17: Mayhem In Montana 2023 (Kalispell, MT)
6/17: Brooklyn Fit Fest 2023 (Brooklyn, NY)
6/17: 23′ North County Throwdown (Carlsbad, CA)
6/17: Mayhem & Massacre @ CrossFit Murrieta (Murrieta, CA)
6/24: The Phoenix Classic (Asbury Park, NJ)
6/24: Backyahd Games (Johnston, RI)
6/24: 4th Annual Wicked Summer Throwdown (Middleton, MA)
6/24: Heroes in the Heartland 2023 (Sedalia, MO)
6/25: Solent Series Masters Pairs (Southampton, United Kingdom)
7/7 - 7/9: Napolithrowdown (Napoli, Italy)
7/8 - 7/9: Andorra Fitness Challenge (Andorra la Vella, Andorra)
7/8: Summer Solstice (Tucson, AZ)
7/8 - 7/9: Ligurian Throwdown (Busalla, Italy)
7/15: Summer Sizzler (Limestone, TN)
7/15 - 7/16: Fresh Coast Games (Muskegon, MI)
7/15: Battle of the Beast (Hudson, NY)
7/15: Lumberjack Athletics “Battle of the Beast” (Hudson, NY)
7/15 - 7/16: 5Ton-5K Festival (Federalsburg, MD)
7/16: Warrior Affiliate League Summer Classic (Apple Valley, CA)
7/22: Barbells For Bullies New Jersey (Roxbury twp, NJ)

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