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Reebok Goes For 62 World Records

Feb 2, 2017 by


So we got it wrong, kinda. Yesterday, we wrote about the seven Aussie athletes breaking World Records in Sydney. Everything about the story was true, but what we didn’t realize was that Reebok was coordinating World Record attempts in four major cities across the globe over 24 hours. 

BarBend did a great job breaking down the Sydney records so we won’t rehash that.


The other three cities where this was going down were London, New York and Los Angeles. Here are the records we have verification of so far. All told, they were attempting to break 62 records and not everyone participating is a CrossFit athlete.

Paul Tremblay tied the 1 minute wall ball record and broke the 3 minute thrusters for max combined weight. Annie Thorisdottir broke the max weight lifted in a squat snatch in 1 minute and max weight lifted in a squat clean and jerk in 1 minute. Michelle Kinney broke the most weight lifted by atlas stone in 1 and 3 minutes. Frederick Aegedius broke the most weight squatted overhead in 3 minutes. Rachel Martinez set the record for most strict free handstand pushups in 1 minute. Scott Panchik broke the record for most strict free handstand pushups in 1 minute and most weight clean and jerked in 1 minute. Dan Bailey set the record for most weight squat snatched in 3 minutes. Emily Bridgers broke the record for most weight squatted overhead in 1 minute. Logan Aldridge (adaptive) set the record for the most one arm/one leg push-ups in 1 minute and the record for most weight cleaned with one arm in 1 minute. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and her hubby broke the record for the most unbroken synchronized guy-girl push-ups in 1 minute. Tommy Hackenbruck broke some kind of pegboard record and so did Camille Leblanc-Bazinet.


OK, you asked for it. Reebok recorded a few of these live and in full. Here’s our best effort to organize.

Annie Thorisdottir and Emily Bridgers.
Kara Webb and Ben Garard on pistols.
Rob Forte, Ben Garard, Sammy Wood and Maddie Sturt on toes to bar.

Sorry, we know that was a lot.

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