Pacific, California, Central Regionals Bubble Athletes: Then and Now

May 24, 2017 by
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Every competition comes with upsets and no athlete understands this better than the sixth place finishers who missed their chance at the CrossFit Games by one single spot.

Inevitably, after all the dust settles comes the realization that if you’d just done a little better on this event or that event you’d be standing on that podium right now planning your trip to the CrossFit Games. Nowhere is this realization more poignant than for athletes who finished sixth, often times by a margin of inches. One no rep, one missed snatch, one second too slow and you’re packing your bags for home.

Here’s a look at the six bubble athletes from the Pacific, California and Central  Regionals who missed their chance at the CrossFit Games.

Pacific Region

Ricky Garard: 6th Place, missed by 2 points

After a heated final event that left Garard’s placement dependent on the results of others, Ricky Garard finished 6th place behind fellow Australian Mitchell Sinnamon.

Who went instead? Mitchell Sinnamon, placed 37th at the CrossFit Games.

What about now? Ricky is now ranked #1 in Australia and is seeded 2nd in the Pacific Region. This will be his second Regionals appearance. He has never qualified for the CrossFit Games.

In his own words: “Missing out on that top 5 and a ticket to Carson by 2 points was freaking devastating! But I know this has happened for a reason and that i wasn’t brought up to be given the easy road to success, i have a lot more positives then negatives to take out of the weekend, I am walking away proud & i will continue to keep on doing what I am doing as this has only made me 10 times hungrier!!” (via Instagram)

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Harriet Roberts, 6th Place, missed by 11 points

Going into Event 7, Roberts held the 5th place spot by just 15 points. After getting stuck on a set of legless rope climbs, a 19th place finish in Event 7 sent Roberts into 6th place, one spot too many for the CrossFit Games.

Who went instead? Madeline Sturt, placed 39th at the CrossFit Games.

What about now? Roberts is now ranked 5th in Australia and is seeded 8th in the Pacific Region. She is currently prepping for what will be her 4th regional. If she makes it this year, it will be her second appearance at the CrossFit Games.

In her own words: “Nothing to lose. Everything to prove. 362 days…” (via Instagram)

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California Region


Jason Carroll, 6th Place, missed by 6 points.

Not only did Jason need to win Event 7, he needed enough distance between him and Garret Fisher. He won Event 7, but Garret finished in fourth giving him enough points to keep that fifth spot and Jason was sent packing.

Who went instead? Garret Fisher, placed 20th at 2016 CrossFit Games.

What about now? Finished 2nd in SoCal, seeded 4th in this year’s California Regional.

In his own words? “Thank you all for this weekend? Im glad I got to display a little bit of ‘Me’ out there and show you all how much fun it is.” (via Instagram)

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Brooke Ence, 6th Place, missed by 16 points.

Heading into Event 7, only 4 points separated 4th place from 7th place. Finishing outside of the top 5 in Event 6, Ence needed to soar through the legless rope climbs and win Event 7. Finishing in 5th place in Event 7 put Ence 16 points behind the 5th place qualifying spot, missing out on her chance to head back to Carson.

Who went instead? Jamie Hagiya, placed 18th at the 2016 CrossFit Games.

What about now? Brooke withdrew from the 2017 CrossFit Games season due to severe herniations in her neck.

In her own words? “What a ride it was, fighting for that 5th spot this weekend. I’m sure you can imagine how disappointed I was in my placing and I’m sure you can imagine how tough it has been to stop feeling bad for myself; but I’m doing it- slowly ?. Life truly does go on. Regardless of my finish, this is the when we would be going back to the drawing board to make changes and move on so I can be stronger, faster, and overall fitter.” (via Instagram)

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Central Region

Will Moorad, 6th place, missed by 5 points.

After a 6th place finish in Event 6, Moorad was ultimately shut out of the top 5 qualifying spots and missed his chance to compete at the games by only 5 points.

Who went instead? Sam Dancer, placed 32nd at the 2016 CrossFit Games.

What about now? After narrowly missing out on the CrossFit Games for the past two years, Moorad announced via Instagram that he would not be competing in the 2017 season due to some health concerns.

In his own words? No comment.

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Nicole Chovan, 6th place, missed by 18 points.

If you win, you’re in. Nicole Chovan came into Event 7 placed fifth overall. It came down to a rope climb battle to finish Event 7 and the legless rope climbs proved to be too much for the rookie athlete.

Who went instead? Kristi Eramo, placed 21st at the 2016 CrossFit Games.

What about now? Chovan finished 28th in the North Central region and did not qualify for Regionals as an individual. She will be going to the Central Regional with team CrossFit Detour.

In her own words? “I cannot believe all the support I received over the past weekend. Thank you so so much to everyone who sent their thoughts, prayers, and love my way. This weekend was much much more than I ever expected. My hope going into the weekend was to have fun, be in the top 20, and use this as a learning opportunity. All weekend I experienced this intense calmness. I had nothing to lose. All the messages/posts, texts, phone calls are so much appreciated. To those who made the trip with me, I cannot thank you enough for being right by my side every step of the way.” (via Instagram)

Relive the Moment.

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