Happy Amazon Prime Day!

Unfamiliar with Amazon Prime Day? It’s basically Amazon’s version of Black Friday, boasting some of the hottest deals on the Internet. You can also snag a free Prime membership for 30 days.

Don’t waste your time buying another TV or gadget, here’s your CrossFitters guide to shopping Amazon Prime day.

1. Reebok Nano 7.0 — $75.00 and up

Mens  |  Womens

2. Dynamix Medball – $98 for 20 pound ball

The 20% discount isn’t reflected until checkout. They have 4 pound to 35 pound medballs available.


3. Larabar — $11.19 for a box of 16

The only flavor you can pick is Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.


4. Kill Cliff — $47.99 for a 24 Pack

All six flavors are available for the discount.


5. Caveman Coffee — $18 for a 12OZ bag

All three of Caveman Coffee blends are on sale.


6. Ninja 4-in-1 Kitchen System — $241 plus 30% off at checkout

Blender, Processor, Auto-Spiralizer, and Slim High-Speed Blending Cup all together. Makes food prep, homemade salsa, smoothies, salad dressings a heck of a lot easier.


7. Rubbermaid Food Storage Container, — $27.19 plus 30% off at checkout for a 60-piece Set

Every 12 – 24 months, you need to just throw out all your unmatched tubberware and buy a whole new set. How are you supposed to do your weekly food prep without a good set of containers.


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