We got the inside scoop that KILL CLIFF is launching their new ENDURE endurance sports drink formula tomorrow morning. They’ve been testing it on the DL with their athletes since April.


It’s an endurance sports drink. Think something like you’re in the middle of a tough training day and need something on the sidelines to replenish thirst and electrolytes.

Sounds a lot like Gatorade but without the fake stuff and high glycemic sweeteners. ENDURE is actually fueled by a proprietary carbohydrate called Palatinose.


As KILL CLIFF’s dietician Steph Skeba put it, it’s “a naturally sourced carb, [that’s] non-GMO, and has a 32 glycemic index.” So basically a slow-releasing carb that prevents the sugar highs (then lows) found in typical sugary sports drinks.

The word on the street is that they’ll be available for purchase on their website starting tomorrow AM.

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