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ADAMS: “I’ve taken full accountability for the miscounted reps.”

May 7, 2018 by
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Remind me.

Last Thursday, we reported that Haley Adams’ video for the Age Group Online Qualifier was missing 96 double-under reps counted in her total score. CrossFit HQ, as part of their video review, was looking in it and planning to assess a penalty.

So what happened?

Adams was assessed a major 15% penalty and her score was adjusted from 1052 reps down to 894 reps.

Adams’ overall score was readjusted and she tied for first with Kaela Stephano. Because Stephano has more top rank finishes, however, she is the overall winner of the AGOQ.

Got it. So what does Haley have to say about all this?

About as mature a response as we’ve seen from any athlete:

“I’ve taken full accountability for the miscounted reps. It was a counting mistake with my judge and simple, and I will never let it happen again. When I compete, it’s obvious I do not cheat my way there. I’ve spoken with [CrossFit] headquarters and have received even more reps off, but they know mistakes happen and so do I.  Even though I have been rattled by this event, I am grateful for the system because it is designed to catch people that are actually trying to cheat.

“I’m 17-years-old and in 11th grade. I have my whole career ahead of me. I love this sport with my whole heart and would never ever intentionally do anything like this as I’ve never had an issue like this before.”

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