Do tell.

For those of you out there thinking competing at Regionals is a low-cost cake-walk weekend vacation you couldn’t more wrong.

We were curious ourselves as to how much these athletes spend for one weekend competing for world fitness domination so we asked our good friend Carleen Mathews, who’s training for her seventh Regionals, for some insight.

The Deets.

  • $200 — Regionals Competition Fee.
  • $900 — Plane flight from Portland, OR to San Diego, CA for Carleen, her husband and her coach.
  • $150 — Paying for a coach to cover classes while they’re both out of town.
  • $1,000 — Airbnb in California.
  • $200 — Car rental.
  • $0 — Food is being covered by Ice Age Meals.
  • $100 — Incidentals.
  • $2,400 — Grand Total

Anything else?

None of these costs include the other 51 weeks of the year these athletes are paying for physical therapy, coaches, nutritionists, access to the local pool or anything else they need to go ham-ho on Events 1 -6. So next time your fav CrossFit athlete is selling a t-shirt or tank to fund their trip to Regionals consider helping him or her out. It’s not a get rich quick scheme.

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