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Local Affiliates Save Latin America Regional

May 25, 2018 by
Photo Courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.
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So what’s happening in Brazil?

Apparently Brazilian truck drivers have had it with the rising price of fuel and decided to go on strike Thursday, barricading roadways and making it literally impossible to get equipment to the Arena Carioca in Rio De Janeiro. But because the CrossFit community is such a giving community, local affiliates drove in supplies like rowers and Assault Bikes late Thursday.

How’s that playing out?

So far, athletes modified Event 1 by running outside instead of on the Air Assault Runner. They also performed push-presses instead of the bench press in Event 2 because they didn’t have any benches or the Rogue benches.

Only half of the handstand walk obstacles made it so Team Event 1 will only had one stretch with the obstacle, and the second stretch was flat without an obstacle.

TBD on whether that’s the case for individuals in Event 3 today but it appears likely.

For those who complain that this is unfair because they’re not doing the exact same events.

First off, it doesn’t actually matter, and here’s why: everyone in the Latin America Regional is taking the same test. It doesn’t matter if they didn’t do the same workout as those in Europe or the South or West.

Secondly, back in the early days of CrossFit Regionals the events weren’t standardized across all Regionals anyways.

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