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Regionals Week 3, Day 2 Recap

June 1, 2018 by
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This weekend is affectionately known as “24 hours of CrossFit” weekend, as dueling time zones spanning from Spain to Florida to Australia leave only a 2.5 hour window without live competition.

We’re here to help you make sense of it all and here are a few top stories from the day:

  1. Only four male and female athletes and four teams will qualify from the Meridian Regional. To make room for the new Latin America Regional, CrossFit took five spots from the old West Regional, giving one to Latin America and four to the Meridian. If you completely missed that announcement, here you go.
  2. Her last Regional. This is Emily Bridgers‘ 8th and final Regional competition. She has qualified for every Regionals since she started CrossFit in 2011 and qualified for the CrossFit Games every year since 2014. “I’m competitive by nature, and every time I compete my goal is to win. This year, I will cherish every moment on the competition floor, and appreciate all the ways CrossFit has helped me grow physically, mentally, professionally, and the countless relationships it has brought into my life,” Emily wrote
  3. Going for 10 straight. Last weekend, Becca Voigt became the first athlete to qualify for ten individual CrossFit Games appearances. If Ben Smith qualifies this weekend, he’ll be the first athlete to qualify for ten consecutive CrossFit Games as an individual as well as the first male to qualify for ten individual appearances. He’s 8th after Day 1.
  4. FUN FACT: Jamie Greene and Elliot Simmonds ended Day 1 in first place in the Meridian Regional. They’re also swolemates in real life — A.K.A. bf/gf. There is some precedent for CrossFit couples qualifying together in the same year. Alea and Gary Helmick both qualified in 2016, Rasmus Andersen and Lauren Fisher in 2016 and are going for it again this year, and Annie Thorisdottir and Frederik Aegidius in 2017, to name a few.
  5. So you’re saying there’s a chance. Regionals rookie Raymond Romanick wants Sara Sigmundsdottir to call him, so he wore a t-shirt with his phone number on it. Not even kidding. After we posted it to Instagram, Sigmundsdottir responded with a challenge: “Only if you win Regionals.” To be fair, Sara didn’t win her region and right now Raymond is only 8 points out of fifth place.
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  6. The Linda factor. With two weekends worth of data, we crunched a bunch of numbers examining the correlation between a female athletes finish in Event 2 and their likelihood to qualify. Every single female athlete who finished Linda under 15 minutes went on to qualify for the CrossFit Games. Four new names were just added to that list. #JustSaying
  7. Bring on the new blood. This is what happens when you redraw the lines and create new regionals. Only four of the 30 teams competing at the Meridian Regionals fielded a team last year.
  8. The dark horse. At 42-years-old, Helen Harding is the oldest athlete competing at any Regional. And with a 3rd place finish in Event 4, she moved from 19th to 10th. And for those who think this isn’t possible, Becca Voigt started Day 3 in 10th place and she qualified for the Games. #TheyAreCalledMastersForAReason

The Standings


— Men: 1). James Newbury (364), Dean Linder-Leighton (304), 3). Bayden Brown (274), 4). Khan Porter (268), 5). Matt McLeod (268), 6). Brandon Swan (266), 7). Royce Dunn (258), 8). Luke Fiso (248), 9). Rob Watt (224), 10). Jordan Bender (220).

— Women: 1). Tia-Clair Toomey (388), 2). Kara Saunders (358), 3). Justin Beath (300), 4). Courtney Haley (290), 5). Madeline Sturt (274), 6). Kat Baker (260), 7). Jessica Coughlan (248), 8). Simone Arthur (232), 9). Rochelle Steinbrgs (226), 10). Helen Harding (210).

— Teams: 1). Reebok CrossFit Frankston (352), 2). Schwartzs CrossFit Melbourne (334), 3). CrossFit East Tamaki (318), 4). CrossFit 121 (312), 5). CrossFit Athletic (290).


— Men: 1). Elliot Simmonds (180), 2). Willy Georges (168), 3). Mohamed Elomda (156), 4). Phil Hesketh (148), 5). Rasmus Andersen (140), 6). Jonas Mueller (130), 7). Lukas Esslinger (130), 8). Stephane Ossanga (124).

— Women: 1). Jamie Greene (188), 2). Manila Pennacchio (176), 3).  Lauren Fisher (160), 4). Karin Baalbaki (130), 5). Jacqueline Dahlstrom (126), 6). Alessia Joy Walchli (124), 7). Emilia Leppanen (124), 8). Eik Gylfadottir (120).

— Teams: 1). Cape CrossFit Wolfpack (200), 2). CrossFit PBM Unite (168), 3). CF Riviera Team (162), 4). Team Crash (156).


— Men: 1). Adam Klink (194), 2). Mitch Wagner (164), 3). John Coltey (160), 4). Ethan Helbig (152), 5). Norman Woodring (146), 6). Raymond Romanick (138), 7). Tim Mustion (136), 8). Ben Smith (134), 9). Noah Ohlsen (130), 10). Andrew McGovern (116).

— Women: 1). Mekenzie Riley (172), 2). Cassidy Lance-Mcwherter (160), 3). Whitney Gelin (158), 4). Melissa Doll (148), 5). Paige Semenza (140), 6). Sarah Scholl (136), 7). Megan O’Donnell (136), 8). Jaimie Byerly (126), 9). Lindsay Eder (126), 10). Whitney Stephenson (124).

— Teams: 1). CrossFit Balance (194), 2). Dwala Rangers (188), 3). Team Soul (176), 4). TTT ANIMUS (160), 5). HustleHard CrossFit (152).

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