Buddy Lee Wants to Rope You In

September 20, 2018 by
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When the average CrossFit athlete thinks of a jump rope, they think of the elusive double-under. But CrossFit subject matter expert and Olympian Buddy Lee, whose book Greg Glassman just wrote a forward to, wants to change that. There are, he says, more than 2000 variations on the use of a jump rope.

Sounds more like 2000 ways to smack the back of my legs, but OK, I’ll bite. Tell me more.

Yes, and double and triple-unders are just scratching the surface he says. “If you want to be called one of the fittest in the world, then you need to be proficient in all training modalities, and jump rope has been left out of that,” Buddy Lee said in a phone interview.

So Buddy, who used to train jump roping in every L1 CrossFit Class in 2007, is returning to the CrossFit community to change the way we view jump roping. He’s written and is teaching a new CrossFit jump rope specialty coursebecause he is 100% positive that being better at jumping rope will make you a better CrossFitter.

But I can already do double-unders so I’m good.

Pump the brakes. You can do double-unders, great. But can you do 200 unbroken double-unders? Jump high knee steps? A skier’s jump? Can you jump backward? These are just a few of what Buddy Lee calls the CrossFit 15, a list of skills that every CrossFitter should have on a jump rope.

Remember back when Sara Sigmundsdottir forgot how to do single-unders? That’s what Buddy Lee is talking about.

That actually sounds cool.

That’s the point. Buddy wants to completely redefine how jump-rope is used and perceived in the community of CrossFit.

“We’re gonna add to what’s already there, to your regular routine. We’re gonna make that real fun. It’s gonna be cool.”

And if you want to get in on the training, the workshop is jam packed with dates over the next six months.

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