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Dubai YouTube Issues Continue to Frustrate Fans

Dec 14, 2018 by

More YouTube issues plagued the Dubai CrossFit Championship (DCC) in their third day of coverage, leaving fans without the ability to watch archived footage once again.

North American based CrossFit fans eager to catch up on the action taking place in Dubai overnight, awoke disappointed that Event 4 and 5 archived footage was unavailable. Only the final two hours, of six, had been processed and made available.

The 1 rep max snatch and Under Pressure events were arguably the more exciting events of the day to watch. Only the Event 6 archived footage is available.

Day 3 competition kicked off at 1:00 AM PT/4:00 AM ET for those in North America, making it nearly impossible for most to watch the footage live. 

As one Redditor pointed out, only the last two hours of a stream are automatically made available. For streams lasting longer than two hours, the content is capped until the full video is processed. The longer the video, the longer the processing time.

DCC officials indicated they were working on it but gave no indication when the footage would be made available.

At the time of publishing — 11:30 AM PT — it has been three-and-a-half hours since the stream concluded.

Adding to this disappointment is the fact that Day 1 events, which were originally removed due to a copyright violation, are still not up on YouTube. Currently only two of six events are available to watch.

Competition resumes Saturday morning at 1:00 AM PT/4:00 AM ET and will be streamed live on their YouTube page. 

EDITOR’S NOTE 3:41PM PT: The stream has now fully processed and is available to watch on YouTube.

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