Why Do More Than 20 Games Athletes Use SteadyMD

January 29, 2019 by
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What is SteadyMD?

SteadyMD is a completely new approach to primary care whose service is entirely online, with a doctor who understands your lifestyle and is your partner in health every step of the way.

So why do so many CrossFitters use it?

Because of Dr. Dani. That would be the same Dr. Dani who’s married to Julie Foucher.

Dr. Dani Urcuyo is the primary care physician assigned to CrossFitters that use SteadyMD.

“As we say in CrossFit, the needs of the elite and everyday athlete differ by degree and not kind and it couldn’t be more true when it comes to medical care,” Dr. Dani told us in an email.

Why do I care if my doctor does CrossFit?

Have you ever had your doctor tell you CrossFit is dangerous? Or that working out twice a day is a terrible idea? That you should be eating more dairy or you’ll be calcium deficient? Or fewer fats because they’re not good for you? You won’t ever have to do that with Dr. Dani.

And, SteadyMD saves you time. What if Mat Fraser was about to board a plane to Dubai but thinks he’s come down with a sinus infection. He can text Dr. Dani and have a prescription waiting for him when he lands in Dubai. Done and done.

Does Fraser really use him?

He sure does.

“My mom is a family physician, so I‘ve lived with an actual in-house doctor my whole life. My partnership with SteadyMD is much like having an in-house doctor at your fingertips. While it’s what I grew up with, I realize it’s unique to have a long-term relationship with a doctor from the comfort of your own home,” Mat posted.

“CrossFit athletes in particular are always looking for ways to improve their performance and a lot of what I do with competitors is make sure the foundations for health are in place. I work closely with athletes to optimize sleep, manage stress, monitor for overtraining, and develop an evidence-based nutrition and supplement plan,” wrote Dr. Dani.

But you don’t have to be a CrossFit Games athlete to use SteadyMD.

Meet Andrew. Andrew, a software engineer and piano player with arthritis, worked with SteadyMD to remove everything out of his diet and lifestyle that might have been contributing to his arthritis, instead of just writing him a prescription.

“Whether it’s helping to maximize performance, reverse and treat chronic disease, or optimize health, SteadyMD works with individuals one-on-one to accomplish their personal health goals. This resonates with anyone working to become the best version of themselves,” said Dani.

That’s the kind of healthcare we can rally behind.

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